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Why is there a waiting period for workers’ compensation?

Many workers’ compensation jurisdictions have a “waiting period” for workers’ compensation.  This is a form of “deductible” whereby the worker absorbs the initial financial impact of wages lost due to a work-related injury.  1,047 more words

2014 Most Frequently Cited OSHA Standards

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently unveiled its top 10 most frequently cited violations at the annual National Safety Council Congress and Expo. The agency reports the leading causes of workplace injuries during its fiscal year (October through September). 105 more words

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Is it becoming easier or more difficult to accommodate persons with disabilities?

I  recently spoke to the  Healthcare Professionals Conference hosted by WorkSafeBC.   My presentation outlined the dramatic demographic factors that are changing –and will continue to change– our healthcare systems, workplace and communities.   719 more words

Business Insurance 101

Business Insurance

According to the latest surveys by major insurers, many small to medium sized businesses in Pennsylvania have a number of critical gaps in their… 321 more words

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Workplace Safety and related issues

How many young workers are injured each year?

Workplace injuries is a sad fact of life. Every year many employees are injured at their workplace and some are not lucky enough to survive the injury. 1,599 more words

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What is an employer "duty"?

Duty. It’s a word we don’t use that often in the context of workers’ compensation and occupational health and safety. When we do use it, we tend to gloss over it and may miss its real meaning and importance. 506 more words

How does health, safety and workers' comp measure up in China?

The digital display registered 431 km/hour. The Shanghai landscape flashed by the window of the worlds’ only Magnetic Levitation (Mag Lev) commuter train. Safe, fast, economical—the MagLev is emblematic of the “new” China and of the inherent consideration for occupational health and safety that is essential to its design, construction and operation. 756 more words