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How To Keep Your Employees for Long Term

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
― Confucius

    In a modern world, many employees look to balance their work and social life.   206 more words

Why Audrey Gelman should be MVP

Audrey Gelman is an inspiration to all women in the political communications force. She is equal parts genius, PR savvy, and fashionable. At twenty-six she has a resume most people would die for. 379 more words

Public Relations

You are beautiful

Today, while browsing through my Facebook newsfeed, I came across a really sad story of a teenager who committed suicide after being bullied. It’s not a story I haven’t seen before and maybe that’s why it’s so sad – because it’s happening way too often. 532 more words


The Art of EMM

A popular refrain ringing through the enterprise mobility community is that IT departments must evolve their mobile management approaches from device centric to app centric. The reasoning is that while mobile devices enable users to do their jobs at any time or from any location, the apps running on those smartphones and tablets are the engines that propel end-user productivity. 530 more words


Women in the Workforce

“The Americans have applied to the sexes the great principle of political economy which governs the manufacturers of our age, by carefully dividing the duties of men from those of women, in order that the great work of society may be the better carried on.” – Alexis de Tocqueville I personally do not agree with this argument. 380 more words