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“Your Real Work” Woman-Empowering Web Show and Podcast by Rose Regier

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mixed feelings, mixed signals: "imagination"

The uniquely human ability to imagine possibilities and outcomes by algorithms of memory, past trials and errors, is to me one of the most perceptibly divine qualities we as homo-sapiens possess. 449 more words

How Do We Integrate IoT Skills into the Classroom?

The Internet of Things is affecting almost every aspect of business—from people to devices to data and processes—and creating new opportunities for growth and competition. Many companies, including… 780 more words


Young families hardest hit by auto sector's decline, report finds

Young Windsor families are bearing the economic brunt of the decline in the region’s auto industry, according to a new report by researchers at Hamilton’s McMaster University. 1,017 more words


Is WFM becoming the new HR?

For many years HR practitioners have been fighting among themselves and with their executive management about the value and importance of HR, Talent management and HR technology. 777 more words


Why Being a Woman in the Workforce is Hard

I have been in my industry of work for about three years now, I’ve been trying to work my way up, because otherwise I don’t feel like I am accomplishing much. 1,477 more words