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Working Smarter for Go Home on Time Day 2014

Have you developed a long-hours habit? Regularly staying late at work and finding that your family life is suffering? Missing out on fun? No time for exercise, hobbies, social life or me-time? 473 more words

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Osaka zone a litmus test of foreign worker policy

Osaka zone a litmus test of foreign worker policy

by Eric Johnston
Staff Writer
The Japan Times
Jul 20, 2014

A long-sought immigration system that will provide Japanese working families, and working women in particular, with much-needed help and create a more multiethnic Japan, or an ill-considered political sop to female voters that will lead to discrimination and human rights abuses? 1,694 more words

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Go Home on Time Day 2014 Pledge Notes

Go Home on Time Day provides an opportunity to think about how you can make the most of your time outside of work. Making positive changes to your work-life balance can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, helping you become more productive and engaged in the workplace and a lot happier outside of work. 168 more words

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This Is Going to Sound Pathetic

This is going to sound pathetic, and maybe it is, but I think the best part of being free of work for a week is a clean sink. 102 more words

Happy 21st Birthday FMLA!

Congress improved working conditions for millions of women and families across the
nation when they passed the landmark Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) twenty-one years ago. 333 more words

Paid Sick Days

Competition time! #GHOTD  #WhatWillYouBeDoing?

This year, as it is Working Families 35th anniversary, we have decided to launch the first ever Go Home on Time Day Competition!

We want to know exactly what you and your colleagues, neighbours, friends, pets or family have planned for… 102 more words

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Financial Freedom

After moving to this new place, we all were thoroughly enjoying our lives. This place was nice, airy and brand new with nice views. Although the rent was high, we were in a position to afford it. 273 more words

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