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"The Brand Hand Moment"

We’ve talked about receiving and we’ve talked about asking, now it’s time to talk about giving.  But what happens when you give and give and give…receiving nothing in return?  469 more words

How to Respond to Customers Who Want Your Work for Free | All business

Do you want to sell your products or your work for free? I’m sure you don’t. But it happens all the time. Customers want what you have to sell and pay you nothing for it. 61 more words

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Did I say artist opportunity? I meant 'business deal'

Charging entry fees for artists to take part in (what I like to call) money-grabbing-business-deals-dressed-in-the-gleam-of-‘artist-opportunities’ seems to be growing in popularity.
Perhaps it is only the exhibitions I have seen advertised recently, or perhaps it is wide spread. 563 more words

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