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Peppy Kids Club Interview (Demo)

So the final stage of the interview was a demo lesson which takes around 5 minutes where Chiaki pretends to be 4/5 year old Japanese child with no English (I must say she played the part well giggling and waving her arms around). 588 more words


Peppy Kids Club Interview (Presentation and questions)

So after the test we moved to a different room as the office was very small and also very hot. They asked me did I want a break I declined but they gave me a 5 minute break. 562 more words


Peppy Kids Club Application


Before I get on to the application process I will explain how I went about it. After finding out that I failed my degree and would have to resit, I rang up PKC and explained what was happening and if I should still apply or hold off until I graduated. 834 more words


Applying to work in Japan

There are many Japanese companies to work for (teaching English) especially if you don’t mind working in an eikaiwa. Before I finished my degree I started researching different companies and talked to friends who are living and working in Japan, I even emailed a few Jvloggers to find out what they thought. 427 more words


Entering a Japanese company: 1 inane photo, 1 hand-written resume, and a smoke free workplace

Off to a superb start

Perhaps my new boss felt he couldn’t find someone to replace me in time. Perhaps he was excusing me as a silly foreigner. 1,086 more words

Living In Japan

Day Thirty-Five

Three Things Learned:

1. Over time, you will actually want to eat rice with everything. This is convenient, because you will.

2. If you want to work legally in Japan, you need to visit the immigration office in Shinagawa for a work permit. 107 more words


Sticking it out Long-Term in Japan

A friend of mine recently asked me for some advice- she’s sticking it out a few more years in Japan before returning home to the US, and she wanted to know if I had any tips for surviving her remaining time in Tokyo. 1,199 more words