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Japanese people react to the outrageous behavior of "monster" new company recruits

April is upon us again, which means the start of a new school and work year in Japan. So perhaps it’s fitting that Fuji TV’s morning informational show  622 more words


FujikoToyohashi reblogged this on I lost my heart in Japan and commented:

A difficult topic. Reading those criteria that make the featured employees "monster" employees, one might wonder what makes the described acts so horrible that the other people on the net are outraged about it. Not going to the nomikai and the dynamics at such a nomikai are a very complex topic and I see the point for participation and not going alike. What I don't understand is people being so outraged even about smaller things that comments even include such as モンスター新人社員ゴミす (monsutaa nyuuin shain gomi sugi) which can be translated as "Those monster new employees are just garbage". Is it really so bad to voice a little bit of your own opinion?

Fun in Japan #5: the NHK Guy

In Japan, there is a TV tax, which supports the NHK news network.  It doesn’t matter if you ever watch the TV, if you have a TV; they expect you to play a monthly tax on it.  659 more words


Japan pension abuses recognized in American State Department Report (h/t Tozen Union)

Key quote in the State Department report:

A Pension Agency enforcement directive continues to make it explicitly easier for employers to avoid paying pension and insurance contributions on behalf of their foreign employees who teach languages as compared with Japanese employees in similar positions.

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