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PKC Timeline - Ongoing

I thought it would be a good idea to post a time line of every contact I made with Peppy Kids Club so others don’t stress out too much while waiting to hear back from them. 247 more words


I wish that I could have had my camera

So as the title suggests, there are no pictures accompanying this post, but I had to write it down anyway.

It should surprise no one that I had a fire drill today. 564 more words



In Japan, there’s a HUGE focus on teamwork and it seems like all the teachers that I’ve met at school are more than happy to help out their fellow teachers. 201 more words


November update

Not much has happened in the last few weeks, I filled in my CRB and my COE and sent them off, I sent them on the 23rd of October and PKC received them the next day and sent them off to Japan. 567 more words

Working In Japan

A little about Peppy Kids Club

When searching the internet is really hard to find anything to do with PKC, there’s hardly any information. This is the reason I set out to make a blog about all the processes and information I know about PKC. 1,302 more words


Third week and a nightmare.


Chores done: 2 — grocery shopping and cooking.
Coffee drank: 3.5 (decaf count as half)

The first day of the third week into my new job. 360 more words


PKC pre-departure pack (Visa and CRB)

PKC sent me my pre-departure pack containing my visa application and my criminal background check. The pack came in a nice folder so nothing fell out which I thought was great considering I am the sort of person who loses sheets of paper quite often. 401 more words