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Sorting things before I go

I recently was sent a council tax bill from 3 years ago which I need to sort out, cant believe it took them 3 years to send it to me bah. 457 more words



Back in August when I was thinking of applying to a Japanese company I thought maybe I need to take my tunnels/plugs/gauges out as I don’t think they will let me have them. 554 more words

Working In Japan

Fun in Japan #11: Extraordinary Kindness

When I was in Japan, I was astonished by the kindness of the people around me, who expected nothing in return.  My first taste of this was when I was struggling to drag my suitcase up the subway steps.  794 more words


Pocket wifi and mobile phones in japan

So currently I have my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, I love it its amazing and my contract ends on the 9th of January. There is no point in me taking out a new contract when I am moving to Japan in March so I am going to have to ring them tomorrow and change to a 30 day rolling plan until I leave. 518 more words


Company leaflet

A few years ago I had the fun project of creating our works company leaflet. Seeing as we are a design company who focuses on being a little bit different and going beyond satisfying our customers needs and expectations. 377 more words


A Day in the Life of an ALT in Japan!

Hey all!

Now that you’ve all seen my average monthly expenses as an ALT, I thought I’d give you a look into my average day as an English teacher in Japan. 1,818 more words

About Me

I teach English in Japan, but I am not a native speaker... How?

Hello Stasia, I have a question…

“How did you manage to get the job as a Polish woman? I’d be so happy if you can tell me that it’s not impossible for me to work as a teacher in Asia, even though I’m not an English native speaker, because I wanted to be a teacher since elementary school and it’d be a pity if I couldn’t do that in Asia.” 1,944 more words

Working In Japan