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Working Moms in France

When you think France, you probably think of fresh baguettes, the eiffel tower, some of the best wine in the world, and the never-ending touching and kissing in the metro – yes, love.   1,054 more words

Erica Yitzhak

One step at a time

Where is she? I run through the house crazily? She was just here a minute ago. I search each room frantically but I don’t call out to her. 3,777 more words

Birthday Festivities

The entire weekend felt like a celebration of family and friends. I felt like it wasn’t just my birthday, but all of our birthdays. Let’s jump in, shall we? 1,198 more words

Funny Stuff

Of Mothers and Air Traffic Controllers

by Erika Tellier-Angley

When asked to write about motherhood, a million and one thoughts came to mind. Do I write about the circus act of being a working mom?

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New York City

Embracing Imperfection and the Concept of Enough

My mom raised a pretty tough girl.  For all the neurotic mess that is me, I don’t break easily.  I am tender-hearted and tend to take criticism personally for about a week.  969 more words


Laid Off Right Before Christmas

I got my first real job at the very beginning of November. I was seasonal, temporary. I just got let go yesterday. I worked for just over a month, and boy did it show me how much freedom being a working mother gives you. 119 more words

Random Thoughts at Ungodly Hours

by Rhea C. Hernando

“ I realized then that a mother’s heart is boundless and bottomless …. I was almost mad with worry and sadness. I blamed myself: It must be because with all the work at the office and at home ….

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