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Haters Gon' Hate!

Have you ever had to deal with unwarranted bullying from someone, maybe someone you didn’t even know? Recent events made me realize that this is a serious problem, not only in the world of fitness – which I like to think of as a supportive community – but also online, in our kids’ schools. 495 more words

Fit Guru

Week 10

Wow it’s gone quickly! 10 weeks!! Damn. The last couple of weeks have been tough staying on track for me, it was my birthday and then all the Christmas temptations, but other than going out for 2 meals, I have been pretty good! 112 more words


Body Illusions

I’ve always had a problem, unrelated to my Crohn’s and other health related issues, in that I tend to measure my successes against other people. I suppose we all do this to some degree, but it can really be a problem/bother when working on physical changes. 904 more words


Bodybuilding.com's Project Mass - Day 7 - Strength Day - Legs - Plus, Gym Tool Identification Vol.1

Greetings, all.

Before we get into the workout, I wanted to start my series of helping you guys identify some of the more random and less obvious pieces of equipment that are laying around the gym. 365 more words


Turn Your Pain Into Power

Your Saturday inspirational song. Enjoy.

You are stronger than you think.

Turn Your Pain Into Power.


Freezing Weather Won't Stop Me From Getting Stronger!

Happy Saturday y’all!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! I’m no longer in Sunny South Florida. I’m up in the Mid-Atlantic for a few weeks. The temperature difference is quite apparent. 183 more words


my brooklyn bodyburn challenge, week one: good news, I'm not dead

When I announced my month-long Brooklyn BodyBurn challenge, many of my friends wondered if I’d gone off the deep end. First the gluten, then the dairy, now the burn…Felicia’s really gone to the crazies this time, they probably thought. 874 more words

Journey To Buff