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Bochi Bochi Denna

This month has been full of some amazing ups and downs. Many of my friends graduated from college this month. They’re on their way to figuring out how they want to shape their futures. 553 more words


Stories of Stones

Postcard from Armenia

I paid for our rooms at the Hotel Basen in Sissian and got directions for the road ahead.  We arrived in the dark last night and I had no clue where we were. 1,277 more words


Smash, Crash and Burn

This week our sponsors arrived in town, thus the lead up to their visit was preceded by a scurry of activity on site with long hours, plenty of bossing from me and a lot of physical progress and I was delighted to be joined by my boss to speed up the process.   866 more words


Happy Belated Blog Post

Whoops. It’s been a while hasn’t it? It doesn’t feel like a month has passed. At the same time, I can’t believe all of the stuff that I’ve done since then! 402 more words


This job allows you to escape your average 9-5...

Want to know the inside story about working at Skibound?

This month we have turned our attention to Jamie who works as a Kitchen / Night Porter. 689 more words


Worries: Deal or No Deal?

I called the manager who hired me for the position that I’m transferring to in a couple of weeks. It’s the first of November and today’s supposed to be my official transfer date but since my department needs me until the 15th, the department I’m moving to agreed. 912 more words

Daily Word Vomit

Oh shoot, turns out i'm human after all

So I’ve been feeling quite grown up recently. Kind of adult.

Less angsty..

After spending my last evening in the UK with The Great Love and slipping back into the bubble that is our weird on but mostly off relationship, I felt quite strong about it. 128 more words