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Packing, again

I feel I am starting to wear out the floor between the guest room at my parent’s house and their office, which has been taken over by my things, as I begin to pack again. 534 more words

Expat Life

Real world experience

So what’s it like being an environmental volunteer in the developing world? I can only answer as to my experiences here in Peru, but the same things hold true in many other places. 870 more words


Tax Consequences of Money Earned Overseas

By Kolonji Murray

Young professionals who pursue work outside of the US should realize that all of the income they earn both domestically and internationally is taxed and reportable to the IRS., as well as the state they live in if it normally collects income tax. 530 more words

Economic Empowerment

Navigating Dutch bureaucracy (lessons learned the hard way!)

Are you interested in a working holiday in the beautiful Netherlands? While on the surface this visa seems pretty straight forward and easy to obtain, reading this post is going to save you a lot of headaches when you are navigating the crazy world of Dutch bureaucracy!


Guest Post: Living and Working with Diabetes

Being ill is never nice.  Being ill in a foreign country where you don’t speak the language and maybe don’t know how to ask for help is really, really tough.   636 more words

Moving to the Middle East - Part 1

I was asked a couple of days ago if I could write about my experiences on moving to the Middle East. I’ll go over the entire process from application to thoughts and worries after I got here nearly 7 years ago now. 1,134 more words

Personal Experience