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From the food bank in November

It’s not the greatest food:
three rows of cans
in a backwards
Bud Light Lime cardboard box.

And it’s not the greatest day
to be walking Base Line Road… 64 more words


The Working Poor in America

Right now, millions of Americans are struggling with hunger. This is something that is very prevalent in Dutchess County. Approximately 10% of the population in Dutchess County is living below the poverty level and many more are struggling to stay slightly above. 602 more words

Scrooged and Dimed

Walmart does it again to damaged it’s already ruined reputation as the most hatred company towards it’s employees and the US. I never heard such a company that treats it’s employees like crap, humiliating them to work on days that obviously have to spend, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas for little less on the dollar. 307 more words


Declaring War on the Poor

by Brian T. Lynch, MSW

Thom Tillis is now Senator elect from North Carolina, having beaten Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan in the 2014 election. During his campaign Tillis berated the poor and suggested that those people who can’t help being poor, like the truly disabled, should rise up and opposed welfare for the unworthy poor. 293 more words


In Silence

As you prepare your week

your home

your world-famous Bird

with all the trimmings

Please take a moment

In Silence

to remember

those who Serve… 157 more words


I woke up broke today

…And every day. How about you? I know many people besides me HAVE to be working class, HARD WORKING working class that is, and maybe even educated and can barely scrape by. 752 more words

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

In my new job as cashier at a busy Capital Blvd. grocery store, I often work nights and weekends. Yesterday (Friday), my shift started at 3:30 p.m., just in time to begin the late afternoon surge of just-off-work rush hour shoppers, and early evening surge of about-to-start-the-party Friday-night drinkers, bar-hoppers, and parking lot panhandlers. 1,829 more words

Working Poor