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That Bill Again

 Ohh dear, well, although I have paid some more from that awful power bill mentioned in a previous post, I’m not even close to what they want me to pay, I’m trying to think of ways I can give something back to anyone who can help me catch this one up. 439 more words

The Future of Employment

Imagine yourself getting a new job that will help you be independent and break the circle of dependency from the government. After 12 or so years, working for this guy, being responsible, hard working individual you found out you have cancer. 509 more words



By Tara Murtha, WLP Staff

This week, we saw a glimpse of the tragic consequences of the misguided effort to “end abortion” by forcing healthcare clinics that provide abortion services to shut down. 675 more words

Women's Health

The myth of hard work and wealth

I think there’s been more harm than good done by this statement: “If you work hard enough, you’ll be wealthy.”

I recently met a man named Charles who’s a chef, been working in restaurants since he was 16-years-old, and owned his own restaurant and his own catering business. 1,753 more words

poor loser

woke up this morning, suicidal

pressure in my head climbing

about to explode

being dead is better than being here

end of month, bills are due… 55 more words