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Doing Good in December

There truly are Do Gooders all around us. In 2013, we recognized everyday superheroes in our city who gave so much, in a year when so much was lost during the flood. 691 more words


Wal-Mart must pay $188 million in workers' class action - Chicago Tribune

Wal-Mart must pay $188 million in workers’ class action – Chicago Tribune.

This is great, but I know how the system works: When they get the backpay, less than $1,000 after the lawyers take their cut for each of the 187,000 workers they robbed, they’ll be kicked off food stamps. 99 more words

Civil Rights

Feed the Hungry asks for toy donations, lists locations

Officials with Feed the Hungry are asking for the public’s help. But this time, it’s not food they are in need of most – it’s toys. 293 more words


Final Thoughts on Ferguson: A story of inequality

So of course by now you’ve heard about the verdict in the case against Darren Wilson, he will not be indicted. By now you’ve seen footage of riots taking place in response to this and while it is unfortunate that it’s come to this level, rather than simply express my anger let me take a minute to express something deeper…understanding. 1,481 more words

Living Wages

Reuters headline yesterday: “Minimum wage fight hits the streets of nearly 200 U.S. cities”


Aug. 17, 1998

I went to work for a day and they paid me $70 an hour for six hours. 191 more words


"Pain For The Afflicted, Benefits For The Rich": The Republican Party's Top Priority Is To Raise Taxes On The Poor. Literally.

Following their convincing victory in the 2014 elections, everyone is wondering what Republicans will do with their new majority in the Senate and House. Well, their policy agenda is becoming clear. 616 more words