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Be Honest With Yourself, Salesperson

If you’re going to succeed in sales, you need to learn to be honest with yourself.  Salespeople, like dieters, believe a lot of things that simply aren’t true.   444 more words


[Commentary] An Unfair World: Why Working Hard will get you Nowhere, but Working Smart will.

The world is not fair. The world is not a wish-granting factory. Some people are born smart, some people aren’t. Beautiful, ugly, normal, disabled, tall short. 1,538 more words

Trim A Better Sail

The greatest performers aren’t necessarily the brightest or the strongest in the group.

Rather they are quick thinkers who know where they are going, and who make good decisions and take decisive actions to get themselves there. 95 more words


Decreasing Work Stress Part I

Let’s face it, work can be stressful. Depending on one’s level of resilience and coping strategies learned over time, a person’s ability to manage stress effectively varies. 767 more words


System Works

I attended my child’s 3rd birthday. I have to be absent for a while in class. It wasn’t easy. I could have opted to leave for a day and work the next day. 476 more words

Reclaiming Humanity

When we came in the world, we were naked. We do not mind what’s going on in the world and the world of work is foreign with us. 955 more words