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Working students are “privileged” enough to deal with all kinds of horses, including the dirty stoppers.

Flashback - Aiken Olympic Gala

One of the impacts of the ice storm was the postponement of the Aiken Olympic Gala – an evening of fundraising for the USEF High Performance Eventing Team. 290 more words

Plans change

Everything happens for a reason. This past weekend Kestrel and I competed at Morven park at intermediate. Dressage was good, we had a 37.4 and that was with some major bobbles so I know that he will keep improving. 721 more words


Twice the Tears, Twice the Happiness

I had been a working student for 2 years at the library in order to support my college education. The memories of it comes back everytime i see former students of mine “earning” their way to college. 70 more words

Rambling: On [Pre] "Spring Break"

One of the biggest stereotypes of college is the ‘Spring Break’ thing. You and your friends go to someplace that’s warmer or nicer or at least different from where you go to school, like Texas or Florida or maybe Arkansas or something, and you party for a week straight. 389 more words

There's a kid in all of us

Most of us didn’t start riding to win gold medals, or to go to Rolex. We started riding because of our love for horses. We lived for those days where we could run to the barn after school and just jump on our ponies and go. 364 more words


He may be little but he be fierce!

I have been home in Maryland for the last week and boy have I been busy! I have been riding and working 7+ horses a day and I am utterly exhausted by the end of the day! 251 more words