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The Pros and Cons of Being a Working Student (You Decide Which Is Which)

(Alternately titled: “You Know You’re A Working Student When…”)

I’ve worked at three dressage barns in three different states and as I embark on my fifth consecutive year of being an intern/apprentice, I’d like to think I’m pretty qualified to throw together this list. 835 more words


Balancing Your Schedule and the Art of Slow.

If you’re pursuing your education on your own and don’t want to take out loans, then time can be an issue. After all, you’ve got to go to work, attend class, write papers, do labs, meet with classmates, study, possibly participate in extracurriculars and ideally, on top of all this, find time to socialize as well (which I think is important to academic success). 915 more words

Resigned, but didn't quit

I really dont want to resign because I dont want to be called a quitter.

Just this afternoon, i got a call from the company i am in, telling me that i need to report at 8:30 PM today. 858 more words

The Tamarack Chronicles: Volume I

This year marked the first of a new contract for me at the University of New Hampshire, and with the contract change came a shift in scheduling—I now only work during the academic year, leaving the summer months free for other pursuits.  2,439 more words

Personal Stories

Sometimes, You Just Have To Ask

Getting back into this whole riding business has been a long, long process with more than plenty of setbacks and disappointments. I can’t tell you how many times I have sat down and wondered why I am bothering with it all. 423 more words

Riding Lessons