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10 life lessons your first year at University teaches you

By Sascha Gill 

            It’s that time of the year again – another cohort of excited, nervous school-leavers are getting ready to make the big leap from A Levels to further education. 677 more words


Should Mothers Of Special Needs Children Work? The Eternal Dilemma Of Motherhood!

Do you work? This question has become the second most important question asked after how are you? Or what’s your name? And if one thinks that this is another way of exchanging pleasantries amongst men meeting for the first time then you are mistaken, men don’t really ask this. 1,703 more words

Do not trust to hope

I mentioned in my previous post that I have been trying out a new preventative medication and so far, so good. I still have a daily headache but no migraine so far. 194 more words

Positive Alien Abductions?

I got to stop watching the History channel.  Really I should.  It’s like watching CNN which also always gets me angry.  So, as a Friday night goes…I was watching Alien Abduction shows on the History Channel and it got me to thinking….is there any positive ones? 953 more words


Day 25: Foreboding Illness

Last night I was working an 11pm-7am shift, but left at 3am. Not because we were overstaffed and I wasn’t needed but because during my shift I became ill. 856 more words


Don't judge me but...

Right now, as I write this, I am sitting in bed drinking a chai latte and listening to some Asgier. It’s a Saturday morning and it’s 9:04am. 394 more words


The joys of marking

At work, when we have a gap or a student hasn’t shown up, we have to get on and mark the homework that piles up. Just like in the speaking classes, sometimes reading through their work has interesting results… 72 more words

Year Abroad