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What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Fail

One week until the big move…

Let me begin by saying that I’m not the Drama Club Princess you might’ve gone to high school with. I’ve had dreams of becoming an actor since I was playing with pokemon cards, but I wasn’t one of those kids with an aggressive stage mom or an agent, or even lying about having an agent to seem cool at rehearsal. 943 more words




话说,今天放工走出midvalley 往ktm 的方向时遇到一班人在捉路人,一看就知道是要promote 东西或者叫你捐钱之类的(可是他们手没拿着什么产品,只有一本笔记本和笔,我猜是后者吧)

结果我就是其中被叫着的 orz
根据以往的经验,他们是超死缠烂打的!我就做了绝大部分的人会做出的反应——避开眼神加快脚步死命摇头不理会!结果听到那个拦着我的男生说“我什么都还没讲你不要一直摇头 T.T”  哈哈哈哈哈 好好笑 害我就忍不住差点要停下来妥协了 这时瞄了一下他的样子(不错看的 哈哈)我都听到他的朋友说“这个没有机会的啦” 不懂是不是在讲我 (因为现场还有很多人)

可是他还不放弃 我一面跑他一面追上来一面说“你听我讲一下,我是在training 的,我拿不到你的名字我会被他们骂死 T.T 你不要走~~ 你做什么工的~~?T.T ”
哈哈哈哈哈哈真是的 真的有害我差点要停下来了哈哈哈 看他放软的语气 哈哈哈 10 more words

Now I know . . .

Ta-Da!! My actual korean name in chinese is called 安美熙 ~ An Mei Xi :)

So of course must attach a selfie shot! It is actually the main reason why I wanna post today.. 82 more words


How To Establish Your Own Side Hustle

Establishing, as Contributor to ClarkHoward.com, Kali Hawlk likes to call it, a “side hustle” is sometimes needed as we take our entry-level positions making peanuts compared to our peers. 75 more words


Exist Any Weight Loss Wonders?

Exist Any Weight Loss Wonders? Working out is likewise promoted as a weight loss marvel. Hypnosis and directed meditation is likewise now ending up being really popular in weight loss circles. 114 more words

Sobriety and Marriage. The truth will set you free, and break your heart.

More than two months sober now, and I’m feeling mostly wonderful.

In the first few weeks of truly sober living, you feel like a tumbling, naked, raw and terrified mess. 315 more words



In 2005, I decided that it was time that I was a working woman. I wanted to make some money for myself and be a little independent. 1,656 more words