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Work worth doing: a meditation on meaningful employment and professional development

It is right and necessary that all men should have work to do which shall be worth doing, and be of itself pleasant to do; and which should be done under such conditions as would make it neither over-wearisome nor over-anxious. 1,677 more words

The Busy Badge of Honor

How many conversations have you had with friends and colleagues that go something like this:

“Hi , how are things going?”

“Oh, you know… been pretty busy.” 1,090 more words

Work/life Balance

Moms: What to look for in a workplace.

As a working mom, finding the right place to work is key. And honestly, it could take a while.

We can all agree job hunting is torture. 602 more words

3 Foundational Questions for Maximizing Performance and Loving What You Do

There’s an interesting truism in life:

If you love what you do, you maximize your opportunity to achieve peak performance.  And by achieving  peak performance, you invariably love what you do! 242 more words

Scott Addis

Boundaries and Balancing Acts

This past year was very challenging. I started a doctoral program last September while still working full-time and attempting to keep up on the responsibilities of being both a wife and mother. 577 more words


Abusive Relationship with Your Job?

Hanging out in the dog park, pub, or standing in virtually any line, I overhear people complaining about how much they hate their job. When their friend asks, “So what are you going to do?” The complainer almost always responds with, “I don’t know. 961 more words

Help The Brain

What is my life?

While I appreciate that it seems to be part of the human condition to lack the ability to empathize with another person’s situation, thoughts, & feelings; giving up hope that things  can change for the better is out of the question. 618 more words