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I'm not who I appear to be

Every morning I wake up next to my little girl and my husband. The alarm goes off and I snooze it until I’m supposed to be at work in 15 minutes. 291 more words

Work/Life Balance

Get off the ferris wheel?

The common theme for me recently has been: work/life balance. Chris of course has been my strongest advocate for more balance. Work less, play more. Co-workers, and friends at work, friends outside of work, and family have all encouraged me to take a stand for more balance in my life. 468 more words


The simple story that made a difference

I work with a lot of people who are trying to find their groove as an entrepreneur. They are often people new to running a business, managing others, and even themselves. 462 more words

CMO SHORT: Short Attention Spans Tank Businesses in More Ways than One

You need customers. You are consistently telling them you are here. But, it feels like you are yelling into the void. Wasting energy and efforts you can’t, frankly, afford to waste. 395 more words

Chet Holmes

Washer Seeks Dryer: 'Laundry Bistros' Are the New Dating Frontier

Correction appended, April 15

The new place for over scheduled New Yorkers to land a date could be a…laundromat.

The Wash House, a small “laundry bistro” with three washers and three dryers that opened March 6 in the East Village (think “La Vie Boheme” from… 940 more words

Which direction are you headed?

Let’s take a look out of the work window this morning… You might be able to see the train heading to Bourne End from Marlow just creeping into the shot on the right. 545 more words

Work/Life Balance

Coming Up for Air- 3 Tips for Happiness

My company has been experiencing some big changes in the last year. We purchased our largest competitor and have been going through the merging process since. 634 more words

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