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Progress, my Master, somehow


There is a mountain of work to complete today, but this morning I woke with a new poem in my mind, and a realisation that some days are days to stop and smell the roses. 647 more words

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Is big city living worth paying for?

As a born and bred Londoner you would think I would be passionate about this great city. But I am torn. I love the history and culture that we have not just in London but all over these great isles and the diversity and inclusion in London is second to none in my opinion. 223 more words


What Our Culture of Overwork Is Doing to Mothers

A slew of new research suggests that equality between the sexes, the rise of which seemed to stop in the 90s like a three day old helium balloon, is back in the ascendant. 826 more words

I have that job.

I have that job.

That job that pushed me to the brink of my comfort zone. I passed into the world of finding a job that fits my strengths and forces me to use what I learned in my educational path. 162 more words


On the Go

Go! Go! Go! Non-Stop Go!  You were always on the go; impromptu parties, speaking gigs, walking on water, healing the sick, raising the dead, miracle after miracle after miracle. 67 more words


Put your records on

Focusing on the negative is easy, especially when the news is as bad as it’s been lately, but I’m usually more of the Pollyanna-bent. So when I noticed a bit ago that I hadn’t been feeling quite like myself, I knew it was time to… 760 more words

Daily Life

Living The Dream

I hate the way it feels to not be in control of a situation. I am a planner. I like to think of the possible outcomes and have a vague outline ready for each of them, just in case. 1,060 more words