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We have to stop should-ing on ourselves!

It’s that time of year when the diary is looking really full- and it’s not even December yet. Deadlines are looming, so are countless parties and social events. 703 more words


Are you really busy?

This morning I was running around like a headless chook (as usual),  I’ve managed to do my exercise (tick),  get the lunches ready (tick), tidy the house (tick) dropped the kids on the school walking bus (tick) and now I’m at work and my mind is buzzing.  575 more words

Personal Growth

Skater Mum

I am in the business of pleasing people. I take a lot fro. helping a lot and I find it difficult to say ‘no’. This goes to the extent where I am rushing around like a blue-arsed fly to make sure I can help out as much as possible. 193 more words


Timeless commodity

Once again I am in the position where i am deliberating over whether to apply for full-time, hike to work, pay for childcare, dogcare, housecare and everything else care because you just arent around. 111 more words


Surviving the End-of-Semester Slump

By Cheryl A. Read, PhD Student and Teaching Fellow at Duquesne University

With no fall break here at Duquesne, everyone on campus is wishing for a few days to step away from the daily grind and catch up on that never-ending to do list. 767 more words


I'm leaving teaching and heading back into the newsroom, back to Gannett

I imagine that headline may have shocked you a little bit.

Shocked that I would leave the teaching job I have loved.
Shocked that I would go back into a newsroom. 768 more words


Driving Productivity & Safeguarding Work/Life Balance

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal (How Technology Can Help Work/Life Balance) suggests that use of technology is so intertwined with everyday business practices that many struggle to maintain a healthy work/life balance. 430 more words