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Work/Life Balance is Broken

This weekend (Sunday actually) I caved into my curiosity to play Rift. My husband has been playing it for a good six months and I finally sat down and started playing. 252 more words



We all stumble through life. Doing the best we can, fighting our demons, looking after our loved ones, trying to seize the day, reach enlightenment, and what occurs to me this morning after a great walk in the mist with my dog and now waiting in a diabetic centre in Reading for a check up after moving houses is… 248 more words

Work/Life Balance

Seeking Out Goodness

“Negativity screams at us. Positivity only whispers.” -Barbara Fredrickson

As leaders, we often seek out that which we see as being wrong. There is a synapse that drives us to do this, an ingrained feature that makes us useful. 424 more words


The office

The sun has returned to our wee patch, and it is DELIGHTFUL.


The support crew is pretty awesome too… 6 more words

One small step for sanity

We here in the good ol’ United States of the Protestant Work Ethic may love to brag about how many more revolutions around the wheel we can make compared to our neighboring hamster- but other countries apparently take this whole “work/life balance” thingy a bit more seriously. 53 more words


Getting in balance

Forgive me readers, for I have been unacceptably tardy in providing you with slightly interesting reading. It is 40 days since my last blog. That’s right. 511 more words

Life In General

'What if I fall?' - 'Oh but my darling, what if you fly?'

When I first read this quote, I couldn’t believe how beautiful it was. A conversation between two people. One who sees the downside of their options, the other who sees the potential in them. 303 more words