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Tip 9 - I did it my way: the Frank Sinatra approach to university

One of the things I remember being surprised about when I went to university, and one of the things that continues to surprise me now I’m here all year round as an academic, is that during term, everything is so FAST. 604 more words

Top 10 (Lesser Spotted) Tips

It's only Tuesday...

I seriously thought that tomorrow would be Friday :(

It’s only Tuesday and I feel worn out already. Stayed up the past two nights doing assignments and studying for exams but luckily tonight I’ll sleep before 1am. 216 more words

Should I apply?

Recently, I needed to write an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page about finding research funding. I thought of some questions that people often ask me, but they didn’t seem very interesting. 975 more words

Apply For Funding

SCE FSM. how many hosts a deployment make?

When SCE deploys a workload to a cloud managed by FSM you might notice the v7k has multiple hosts created for the single workload
One host for each wwpn. 84 more words

Supplement your salary and boost your experience

Financially, I just couldn’t get through another year without a salary during the summer so, after toying with the idea for a few years, I decided to do a placement at a summer school. 284 more words

Guest Teacher Posts

2 ways to get a break in your busy day

When your life is so busy that you are in a state of tension all the time, there is something wrong with that. Especially if you don’t even realize you are tense, that’s an even bigger problem.  442 more words


Runners In My Bag

I am done.  Cooked.  Overdone.  Over-cooked.  Like the vegetables my Nana used to make.  Completo.  I’m at a rare place of exhaustion in which I am realizing that I am my worst enemy in a cycle of unhealthy living and I need to walk into the abundant life Jesus offers! 723 more words

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