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There isn’t a word to describe how challenging teaching is. The workload is incredible, the pressure is intense, and the brightness of the spotlight which always stays on you is almost blinding. 240 more words

My Experience with a Literature Review

As this is my final year at university, my workload has increased exponentially from the last two years. The main reason for this, at the moment, is the literature review that I am writing. 371 more words


Teacher workload at unacceptable levels

From The Daily Telegraph

If we want to maintain a world class education system there must be urgent change, says Kevin Courtney, deputy general secretary of the NUT. 259 more words

How best to support my husband?

Currently, my husband is getting his masters degree in educational leadership, and I am so proud of all the hard work he has invested into the program. 209 more words


'Intervention', I Hate the Word

Now in my second year of teaching, I sometimes look back on my NQT year with envy. Yes I am quicker at planning now, yes I can reuse material, and yes the marking is ever so slightly faster. 867 more words


Challenging Workloads and the Workload Challenge

I’ve stood up and spoken at a number of conferences over the past few years and often used this as one of my lines, “I don’t want to be negative but I need to be honest with you.  1,537 more words


Time Management - Useful hints & tips

Time management is essential to almost every role and many of the practices can be applied in your everyday life beyond the office four walls. Over the past few years as a Project Manager and Exec Assistant I’ve learnt a few hints and tricks along the way. 323 more words