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Ready for action

Starting work on new projects can be tough at the beginning. All us artist’s have been there, and preperation is key. So im preparing for my new project and that is meee!.   237 more words


Oh Sleep...Where are you...

Did it ever happened to you…when you are dead tried because of too much work load…you are always craving for some extra sleep…but when you actually hit the bed…the sleep is at the other end of the world…and when you woke up…you still feel drowsy and lazy…you feel like catching some more sleep but all the clocks keep kicking your butt… 158 more words


An Ode to Order Managers

It was a sunshine-splashed day in our Itasca, IL office, but the mood of the women in the bullpen was anything but sunny.  As I made my way into the office and got over to the coffee machine, I realized that something was wrong.   686 more words

Business Development

The right cover sheet...

I wish I’d have had the wherewith all to jot down a few notes today. I think it might be instructive in describing exactly why there is currently so much dissatisfaction with the state of things. 239 more words


Finding the answer between Yes and No

I don’t like saying “No” to a request. I don’t always like saying “Yes” either. But I do like to help, and I tend to reason that if I can do something, I should do it. 474 more words


How to Manage Your Workload When Feeling Overwhelmed

How to Manage Your Workload When Feeling Overwhelmed.

Have you ever experienced it when you have so much coming at you that you didn’t know where to start?  23 more words

Work it out...


A senior “R” at my firm recently got fired. He’s the second associate in my firm whose employment has been terminated. And I have a premonition that third would be me. 733 more words

My Open Secret Diary.