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A principled approach to reducing workload

I have previously (here) suggested how schools should be looking to develop their technology infrastructure. I have also (here) alluded to how I think students should be using technology to best support their learning. 1,338 more words


Estimating with Agile

Why do you need to estimate well?

Imagine that you’re a lender; you review loan requests, negotiate the terms and the repayment plan all up front. 1,220 more words


Fly it straight ...then trim it for your tips

Fundamental Skill-Set:  Coordinated Trimmed Flight

We were climbing through two-thousand feet on a Flight Review when the Pilot-In-Command asked if I could fly the aircraft so he could remove his sweater. 1,157 more words

Flight Training

Holiday Wishlist

Hi there, its Friday again and I want to get you guys started on thinking about your wish list for this holiday season. The holidays are right around the corner or may be a tad bit further but its never too early to start planning. 199 more words

How To Make My Workload Lighter

There are some work-related tasks that are a real pain to do.  Rather than focus our time, energy, and skills on something beneficial, we’re occupied by the mundane because we haven’t developed a better system of doing them.  576 more words


13 Oct - Crunch Time

Do you work well under pressure when it’s crunch time?

Generally speaking, if I’m left alone, I usually power through whatever it is I need to get done… If people feel compelled to continue interrupting me whilst I’m ‘in the zone’ they shouldn’t be surprised when I completely flip out at them.

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Writing Challenge

Number crunching, box ticking and Camel

I have spent the day staring at papers and computer screens.

After yesterday evening driving session – I managed to drag my tired little body to work, sit through two meetings and plough through a years worth of patient activity data. 216 more words