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Crap...This is hard!

When people find out I’m a trainer I’m often asked questions like… “How can I lose XX pounds by summer?” Or, “How can I gain XX pounds of muscle in 8 weeks?”  Or, “How do I lose this fat around my waist?” 801 more words


Workout Motivation

If you are like me at all you would rather stay in your onesie and eat pumpkin pie ice cream all day (as I’m currently doing) than workout especially when you don’t feel like working out. 546 more words


Tips to Workout & Stay Motivated

Rise and Shine: Set you alarm clock back an hour every three to four days. By allowing yourself time in the morning, your more likely to workout. 195 more words



I thought we were supposed to be teaching young women to live a healthy lifestyle but not by counting calories? This chart is posted in the gym locker room (right across from a scale, by the way) and it confuses me. 273 more words


How to Make Your Workouts Go From "Ok" to AWESOME!

Good morning! It’s Tuesday, so it’s time to #DishtheFit with our lovely co-hosts of the The Fit Dish Link-up, Jessica @ The Fit Switch & … 431 more words


Workout Motivation

Everyone knows that working out is hard to do. There are days where you feel BLAH or you just aren’t into getting off the couch because you’re in the middle of a Scandal marathon (it’s a… 195 more words