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10 Workout Motivation Tricks That Really Work

When it comes to fitness, though it’s easy to start off strong, it’s even easier to slowly fall off the workout wagon. All it takes is one little excuse to derail your routine and stall your efforts. 890 more words

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Snowy weather and a bridesmaid's dress

I will be standing in a wedding in four weeks.  That’s right, in exactly 26 days I will be making my way to Toronto to catch a plane to the hot and sunny Dominican Republic, where I will be staying in a beautiful resort on a small island just off the coast of the Samana Peninsula.   808 more words


A Word from teamnewbody: How Do I Find Motivation

When TeamNewBody.com posts something, I make sure to listen to it. Here’s what they have to say – Ever find yourself struggling for motivation to workout and get healthy? 344 more words

Motivation: Are You Failing?

No Limits - The human body can do amazing things …with practice. This video proves that. It’s easy to look at a lot of these guys and girls and think they just have great genetics or they are just plain crazy (which, I admit they are!), but they all started out in diapers just like you and me. 893 more words