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Getting Out of My Workout Funk + Workout Challenge

Hello and Happy Wednesday! You’ve made it half way through the work week, so give yourself a much deserved pat on the back for that! :) 546 more words

Workout Wednesday

7 Ways to Optimize your Motivation to Workout

Weather patterns are changing due to the seasonal shifts of the earth, hence, we all are changing our exercise habits to correspond. Circadian rhythms in ones’ body (wherever you live) is changing due to this shift and your emotional status is correspondingly shifting. 759 more words

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Early workouts - 5 tips for workout motivation

Sometimes, getting up at 5am to workout can be tough. Here are 5 tips for workout motivation that are sure to have you jumping out of bed to hit the gym! 437 more words

Early Workouts

Workout Motivation

After not being able to work out for about a month due to my illness, I’m finally ready to start getting back into it. I don’t think I’ve gone this long without working out since around middle school, and I’m definitely feeling it. 228 more words

Jenna Grace

Short and Sweet

I make my bed every morning and arrange these two so that when I come home and finally get to go to bed again, I have two comforting faces waiting for me. 194 more words


Defying gravity-Pull up workout review

Every time in a movie or on TV you want to show that a man is preparing for revenge, war or the apocalypse, you show him running early in the morning, punching a bag or a dead cow or you show him doing, pull-ups! 848 more words


Even More Butt-spiration, again... (kinda NSFW)

Everyone knows that I am a great proponent of working out dat butt. So, here is my dose of butt-spiration! #shesquats

Workout Motivation