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[Formcheck] Squat + deadlift newb via /r/Fitness

Starting stronglifts and wanted to get feedback on my form ASAP. I have some experience in general with lifting in the past but I want to take things seriously this time around so I’m hoping to kill any bad habits early on. 240 more words


What does fittit think of these fitness sites? via /r/Fitness

Hello everyone I’m trying to find some good weightlifting advice. I’ve browsed these two sites quite a bit and I’m curious what reddit thinks of them. 160 more words


KORE Wellness Kettlebell Training: Wicked

Whole Body Circuit (2 Kettlebells)
Today you will be doing:
10 Bob and Weave
10 yards of Bear Crawls
10 Double Cleans
Go for 20 min, do as many rounds as possible… 162 more words


So I started doing pushups every night, how do I work my legs? via /r/Fitness

I don’t have weights. I started doing pushups every night. Started out only being able to do 20 at once. Now I’m doing 60 and starting to see a little definition (I have next to no body fat I’m already really skinny). 41 more words


DEXA Bodyfat analysis with pics, and a bit of a twist. via /r/Fitness

The twist being that I am a powerlifter and don’t do bodybuilding type workouts. This is my second annual DEXA and I get them mostly for shits and giggles. 70 more words


Omg Austin POPsters!!! You guys were so amazing today in class! Thank you for being incredibly friendly and super smiley. Y’all made me feel so welcome. 12 more words


Abs, so close yet so far? via /r/Fitness

So I’ve been trying to really reveal my abs for about a month now, and I feel like I’ve made no progress. I’ve increased my activity by adding cardio along with lifting as well as cutting calories. 51 more words