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One Arm Dumbbell Press

One Arm Dumbbell Press

Upgrade your chest press by doing it unilaterally. Dumbbell presses are a staple in my chest workout. I like them because they tend to add the thickness that I want and need in my chest. 162 more words


6-Week Challenge - TWO SPOTS LEFT + Exciting New Prizes

Hi Team!

Just a quick note to let you know that I am alive and well, and to apologise for my extreme slackness in the blogging department of late. 256 more words

WOD- Friday 10/31/14

Halloween Trick-or-Treat WOD

Skill: Turkish Get Up



Turkish Get Up
Ring Dips



Wednesday is REST DAY

Should you have a rest day? Absolutely! Rest and recovery is as important to the success of an exercise regime as is the actual work done. 174 more words

Halloween HIIT

Halloween is the start of the Fall/Winter holiday season and we all know what the holidays bring: food. It starts with pounds of candy, then (for my family) lots of birthday cakes, turkeys, pies, sweets, and then more chocolate and sweets. 62 more words


2% Of Your Day

4% of your day= 1 Hour Workout

2% of your day= 30 minute workout

Everybody is different when it comes to their exercise regime. For me, I mix it up with strength training, intervals, circuit training, long distance runs, isolation and I include endurance training each day. 1,018 more words


Fail to Prep is Prepping to Fail

How many of us have a good amount of time to prepare a healthy meal, then sit down and eat it right after? Probably only a handle full and if you do have that time, I and a majority of the rest of us envy you greatly. 594 more words