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My father used to say that when he retired he would move back to the bush.

“Maybe go down to Tasmania and build a shack.” … 999 more words


Personal Accountability

A conversation with Chuck Lauer

Last year I had the wonderful opportunity to be introduced to Chuck Lauer, the former publisher of Modern Healthcare… 1,014 more words

Culture Of Safety

Leadership: How Not To Make Your Employees Hate Their Jobs

Last week we talked about what leaders are doing wrong – how they are making their employees hate their job. It may sound a bit melodramatic, but a bad leader can actually have that drastic of an effect on an entire team of people. 80 more words

Small Business

Day Six: Waterworld Corio

Stephen exits Waterworld with a Harrods carry bag. He is a retired Boiler Maker and visits the gym three times a week.

He plays chess with his mates, he’s 68 years old and he’s has known Tony McManus for many years. 523 more words


Press Conference Leadership

Leadership lessons from the New England Patriots

On the way home tonight I listened to a recording of last week’s post-game press conference with Tom Brady, Quarterback for the New England Patriots football team. 623 more words


4 Ways to Make Your Employees Hate Their Job

There are so many articles on the qualities and actions that make a great leader or manager, but so many managers need to be called out on what they are currently doing that really isn’t working. 574 more words


DPR Construction:Toasting the Boss (a.k.a. Everyone)

Company Snapshot

Name: DPR Construction
Rank: 10
Headquarters: Redwood City. Calif.
Employees: 1,590
Perk: Company-owned condos in Lake Tahoe and Mammoth can be used for personal vacations. 447 more words