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Who’s in charge of you?

Are you the CEO of your own life?  PCI believes every person has the potential to achieve great things, especially given the right tools and support.  202 more words

Workplace Culture

The Benefit of a Fresh Perspective

I have had both the joy and the opportunity to vacation in Nags Head, NC for the past 23 years.  This year, we decided to go parasailing.   121 more words


On Thursday 9th October I dialled (03) 9665 9555 and a person answered. Let’s call them Chris.

Chris works for The Local Government Investigations and Compliance Inspectorate. 586 more words


How Can you Measure Your Workplace Culture and Why is it Important?

Workplace culture is not an easy thing to measure. In fact it’s not even a thing at all. What it is when you get down to it, is a collection of assumptions, feelings and behaviours that impact on team work, innovation, productivity and service provision. 417 more words


It's Never "Just Business": 4 Times Emotions Play a Role In Business

We have all heard the phrase, “It’s just business” and it’s usually associated with some sort of negative situation. As a professional and business owner, a recent situation got me thinking about this. 526 more words


Is this the greatest company in the world?

The greatest most innovative company in the world is not Apple, Facebook or Google.

It will not be found in Silicon Valley.

All companies today should be exploring new ways of implementing freedom and democracy in the workplace.

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Immersion & Acclimation: The Importance of Culture in Orientation

Changing career paths is rough. I decided to quit my previous job without anything new lined up under the major goals of working closer to my education and developing professionally in a growth environment. 530 more words

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