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If I Were Running A Company...Lying

Let me get this out of the way: lying is bad, plain and simple. Lying makes your organization vulnerable of whatever risks there is. However, there are two things we need to tell ourselves. 440 more words


Five Keys to Great Customer Service

Think of a time when you experienced really excellent service. Now compare that to a time when the service you received was just acceptable—okay, but nothing special. 573 more words

Customer Service

Work friends are essential for health & job satisfaction

The workplace can be a very competitive and stressful environment. As such, we don’t normally think of work as a place to develop and to foster friendships. 255 more words

Non-profit Sector

Cultural Values in Business

Is Corporate Culture Part of Your Business Plan?
Former Executive Lists 4 Cultural Values & Behaviors
of Successful Companies

Whether you’re launching a new business or wondering why your existing company isn’t performing as well as predicted, longtime corporate executive Larry Katzen suggests taking a careful look at your business plan. 761 more words

Gravity and the stuff that rolls downhill

There is a well-known and equally accepted principle out there that fecal matter rolls downhill.  You’d think it has behind it years of empirical study, qualified by countless experiments in the movement of mass and the velocity that said mass can obtain when traveling towards the one who’s trying to duck it.  288 more words


If Work Culture Matters, Then Why Can't We All Just Get Along?

If you’ve been following my posts for any length of time, you have probably noticed that I have been approaching the subject of workplace culture from just about every side over the past several months. 890 more words

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If I Were Running A Company...Projects

The Pew Research Center did a survey on millennials. The results were not surprising, at least to me. Here are the key points to remember for this post: 502 more words