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5 Ways to Build a Great Workplace

Great Place to Work® annually convenes hundreds of executives, academics and senior HR leaders to discuss what it looks like to have – and what it takes to create – a world-class workplace culture. 223 more words


Apple's new voice

Denise Young Smith
Job at Apple: Head of human resources
Challenge at Apple: Bringing diversity to a tech workforce that’s still overwhelmingly white and male. 794 more words


The Name of the Game

As stated, notthebigcompany is a mindset that fuels all of our relationships, both inside and outside of Publishing Concepts. Since we only select those candidates who have a passion for doing their best each and every day, we are able to work well together while also being true to ourselves. 163 more words

Workplace Culture

The cult of the Amtrak Quiet Car

I am a self-diagnosed noise freak. Ever since childhood, I have been sensitive to sound—and I’ve only gotten more curmudgeonly about it as I’ve matured. It’s not an easy way to be in an increasingly clamorous world, but I go out of my way to find or create peace and quiet, whether it’s glaring at loud talkers on the subway (yes, I’m that person), requesting to move hotel rooms if the sound from a TV seeps through the walls of a neighboring room, or carrying earplugs on my person at all times. 986 more words


Talk Leadership to Us

When trying to convince us that your company has the best opportunities of all, one thing you absolutely need to showcase is the leadership opportunities and development programs available to us right from the start. 280 more words


Success and the Single Person

Success isn’t single. We pride ourselves on our individual accomplishments. In reality, I can’t think of a thing I achieved completely on my own. Those who taught, coached, encouraged, collaborated, helped, or led all contributed to any accolades I received or joy I found in my work. 251 more words


Developing positive workplace culture workshop

Sue Turner Consulting is currently running “Positive Workplace Culture” workshops for business.

Topics covered in this one day workshop include;

  •  What is workplace culture – how does it evolve?
  • 86 more words
Team Standards