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Sexual Harassment: What Employers Should Know

With holiday parties and the hectic schedules of year-end, employers may find an increase in the number of harassment complaints they see from employees.  Employers must exercise reasonable care to prevent and promptly correct any workplace harassment.   865 more words

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Developing a Game Plan

Sometimes our workplace situation isn’t fair (or safe), but there isn’t a good way out. The economy, our education, and a number of other factors can end up preventing us from leaving. 483 more words

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Quitting Responsibly

As with renegotiating a contract, quitting a job is something to be done with planning and reflection. Here are a few things to consider before handing in your resignation: 436 more words

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Renegotiating the Contract Part II: Practical Tips for a Successful Dialog

Job responsibilities change over time and it isn’t that uncommon to discover that the job you thought we were hired for isn’t the one we’re doing. 564 more words

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Top workplace issues for 2015 - Ageing senior executives

This article originally appeared on the Justitia blog. The full article can be accessed here.

As the year winds to a close, it is a tradition at… 332 more words

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Welcome HBR Blog Readers- "Less Rigid Forms of Flexibility"

“The most important need for many employees is not to get away from work (through long leaves or part-time work), but to find satisfying ways to combine work and family life… These forms of everyday work flexibility are much more important than the more publicized forms of workplace flexibility such as mommy tracks or daddy tracks…. 158 more words

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Long commute bad for your health

Recent studies have concluded that a long commute (more than 45 minutes a day) is extremely bad for your health.

Negatives of a long commute… 310 more words

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