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Peer Pressure and the Workplace: Perceived Pressure Part III

If we’re honest, most of us want others to like us and this should come as no surprise, since God designed human beings to serve as a support system for one another. 643 more words

Workplace Issues

There Was Work to be Done.

Yup, I am a job hopper. This is often a title people avoid attributing to themselves, but I’m going to go there. I like to go all in on these sorts of things, which is probably why I never win poker games. 447 more words


Another CEO Chooses Fatherhood: PIMCO's Mohamed El-Erian

When PIMCO CEO Mohamed El-Erian was confronted by his daughter with a list of milestones and important family events he missed, he reconsidered his life and career goals and decided to step down. 1,111 more words

Workplace Issues

You are Not Too Busy to Answer Email

I am really getting tired of my generation whining and complaining about the Y Generation and their constant need to be on their phone and social media.  410 more words

Workplace Issues

Peer Pressure and the Workplace: Perceived Pressure Part II

Last week, in Part I of our series on peer pressure, we examined the story of Cain and Abel. We discussed the potentially deadly effects of wrongly blaming others for the pressure we feel to conform. 586 more words

Workplace Issues

Old Dog, Older Tricks

  So here’s the deal.

I’m facilitating an annual volunteer certification class at Scripps Hospital in La Jolla a week ago and am in the company of nine people who are technology challenged.   810 more words

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Walking the Line: Females in Technology, is There REALLY a Problem?

Ah, this is a topic that I have pondered a lot in the past few weeks. I have a vested interest in the answer to this question considering I want to become a game programmer. 2,334 more words