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Paychecks and Self-Worth: The New Testament and Human Value

Last week, in “The Old Testament and Human Value”, we took a brief look at human value in light of creation. This week, we’ll explore several passages from the New Testament and examine human value in light of our re-creation. 540 more words

Christians In The Workplace

Paychecks and Self-Worth: The Old Testament and Human Worth

Last week in “Determining Society’s Winners and Losers”, we examined the perspective that a person’s worth as an individual is determined by the number of digits in their paycheck. 443 more words

Christians In The Workplace

Leading By Example: EY's CEO Mark Weinberger on Work and Family

At the recent White House Summit on Working Families, Ernst & Young’s CEO Mark Weinberger told an anecdote that, to me, represents our best hope that corporate leadership is finally recognizing the importance of work-family balance and will begin to sincerely address this issue. 668 more words

Workplace Issues

Paychecks and Self-Worth: Determining Society's Winners and Losers

A wise man once told me that, “No one will ever pay you what you’re worth. So find something you enjoy and do it.” It’s sound advice – especially in a world where so many of us mistakenly confuse our worth as human beings with our worth as units of labor. 374 more words

Workplace Issues

The Challenges Faced By Working Dads, All In One Awesome Infographic!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Even moreso for this awesome infographic that the White House issued as a lead-up to the recent Summit on… 221 more words


Training: Why It is Important to Deal with a Problem Person from the Start

*Post Note: from here on, I’ll be trading off on Wednesdays between training posts and general thoughts/policy change posts – I have written a few books on training over the years and am looking at possibly publishing a few and will be doing the training posts for feedback before I move forward with that, enjoy!* 1,838 more words

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Talking about my generation (and blogging)

Now that the month from hell is finally over (June 2014 – when the term “work/life balance” became a distant memory), I am in a much better frame of mind to get back to this blogging malarkey.  341 more words