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Short story: The key that didn't belong to me...

Hi, Posting a short story for The daily prompt:

“You’ve been given a key that can open one building, room, locker, or box to which you don’t normally have access. 2,656 more words

The Daily Prompt

Mental Illness and the Struggle to Work Out of Poverty

Mental Illness is just like any other kind of physical disability –sometimes worse in many ways and yet some folks never seem to understand the struggle that a mentally person goes through trying to as many put it “pull up there boot straps” and work a regular job to help pay living expenses and be independent. 473 more words

The Blog

Is busyness an addiction?

As a working mother, I’ve recently started to notice that life seems to be passing me by in a blur.

Keeping up

Staying on top of a busy job and home life sometimes seem to require a special talent. 505 more words

Working Mothers


This past Friday was my mom’s 85th birthday. Six of her kids traveled to Chicago to surprise her with not one but two parties. She is 85, after all; we have to celebrate whenever as often as we can! 1,480 more words


Why Don't More Men Walk The Talk on Work-Family?

When surveyed, dads overwhelmingly say that they would prefer to share childcare and housework relatively equally with their spouses, and would prefer to use flexibility and parental leave to better balance work and family. 1,315 more words

Workplace Issues

Coping with Harmful Entities at Work

This post came through from one of our members and we just had to post it given the Halloween-theme.  Not only this, but it’s often hard to speak out about work problems. 611 more words


Enforced Pressure: Higher Stakes

While some peer pressure is the result of others seeking validation for their preferences and lifestyle choices, at other times, it can arise from more villainous motives. 492 more words

Christians In The Workplace