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How to deal with whingers, angry people and chronic complainers

Just about everyone has to deal with, or even work with, with whingers, angry people and chronic complainers. Sometimes you can shrug your shoulders and walk away. 314 more words

Chapter 06: Strengthening Your Personal Skills

Say The Hard Things

The other day I had to speak very directly with an individual who wasn’t seeing exactly right. Without getting bogged down with details, this individual was set on defending a moral failure that was launched off an ethical pad that had crater-sized cracks in it. 223 more words


Bring on the Boomers!

Nothing stays the same for long, that’s for sure. Of course, had we been living in the beginning of the 20th century rather than the beginning of the 21st century, we’d have faced dramatic change too: the agrarian economy gave way to the industrial economy; electricity transformed peoples’ lives; railways brought the cities and the countryside closer together, and the telephone revolutionised communication. 498 more words

Chapter 13: Building Effective Work Teams

(#221) The 3Rs: Rapport, Rigor, and Responsibility

I need to take responsibility to develop authentic and meaningful relationships with my colleagues.

This week I had the opportunity to work with the adjunct faculty of our college at our annual adjunct convocation.  571 more words


When power goes to your head

I think we probably all know someone who has a little bit of power and it’s really gone to their head; it’s like they believe their own PR! 728 more words

Chapter 06: Strengthening Your Personal Skills

Gentleman...At The Top

Since that weekend, Tyson has been noticeably keeping his distance from me and acting more business formal at work. Even though he does not talk to me as much as it is, I can’t help but wonder if it’s because I’m dating Ben. 385 more words

Food Hoarders

If you work in an office for long enough, you’ll realize that there are certain kinds of people who share your space, building and office kitchen. 358 more words

Workplace Relationships