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The 12 Signs Your Company May Be a Serial Killer

You are very proud of yourself and you should be.  You just survived the entire hiring process beginning with; searching the web for a job, sent in your polished resume, interviews, more interviews and finally, it’s your first day on the job and you’re in the Human Resources office filling out your W’s, who to contact in case of an emergency and many more forms galore.   686 more words


Fast forward: 3 astonishing technological developments that could make H&S history

Picture the scene. After being gently woken by natural sunlight (courtesy of a mobile phone app), a worker fumbles for his Google Glass, which helpfully points out any hazards he might find around his home – from a stray child’s toy lying at the top of the stairs to a puddle of water on the bathroom floor – as he gets ready for work. 973 more words

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Ride the wave of safety change

I’ve just finished reading a series of posts in a safety group on linkedin. I noticed a flurry of familiar themes. Here are just a couple of the comments I found: 816 more words

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Workplace Safety - Warehouses & Forklifts

In this short animated video, it portrays a typical forklift driver and how safety is important for this specific task. He sometimes believes he could get the job done faster a certain way then his good side reminds him that the weight limit might go over and it could cause harm to another worker if he tried to carry more crates. 83 more words

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10 Commandments of Workplace Safety? Lets see!

I came across this interesting video on YouTube that explain what they considered the “10 Commandments” of workplace safety. I liked what he said about how the most important reason for safety at work is your own well-being and being able to go home safely every day. 105 more words

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A Great Source for Workplace Safety

During my research on workplace safety, I came across another blog about the same topic as mine. Steve Hudgik wrote recently on how many workers that have to work in the heat are falling ill and some actually die from such harsh exposure.   138 more words

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Safety Procedures at United Airlines

My father works and flies for United Airlines. He mentioned some various safety procedures that are available for the maintenance crews that work on the ground. 163 more words

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