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Works in Progress—Stories and Novella

In following with a plan laid out in an earlier post, this week’s post will just be a little update on where my writing is at. 268 more words


A Small #Excerpt From Her Every Desire

Chapter 1



“You’re gonna go cross-eyed if you keep staring at her,” a voice quips as I lean against a massive spruce tree.

I glance over my left shoulder to find my best friend and confidant, Melissa Crowley, standing beside me. 317 more words


Looking for artists...

In other news: I’m currently looking for artistically inclined individuals who would be willing to do some art of the main characters of Chosen. Said art would be used on this site for promotion of the book, and you would of course receive full credit for your artsy awesomeness, as well as my undying gratitude. 96 more words


Current Writing Projects and Problems: Part 5

Hey all!  So lets fill you all in on what’s been going on in my neck of the woods.  I was in Door County for a few days with absolutely no internet access.   850 more words


Forever Lovers, Forever Foes

Imagine you’re a Druid from ancient Wales, and you get caught in a time travel accident, winding up in the 21st century….

This story has gone through several incarnations. 523 more words


Works-in-Progress (08/27/14)

I’m feeling a little disorganized this week, but that’s because I’m so excited about all the pies my thumb is in that I keep flittering from one to the other. 364 more words

Works In Progress

Star Trek Federation Civil War part 122

More details added to the bridge.

I’m also thinking about something like this for the Nav dish since I’ve never seen it done by anyone else.