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My Version Of Kronos 1 Study Model part 2

More of the bridge section done. Most of the shapes are finalized. It’s starting to look like some kind of building to me.


A Space Ride

Workers of the old idea factory seem to be taking a rather extended vacation. As such I’ve starved you lot of visual stimuli for maybe too long.  86 more words

Works In Progress

FO Friday (Mark One)

Somewhere about Wednesday I decided I wanted to participate in FO* Friday. It was more to encourage myself to finish all the UFOs** I had languishing in the top drawer of my stash than anything else. 248 more words


Union Pacific Progress

Quick update on the woodcut titled “Union Pacific”. I think the size of the piece is extending the time it takes to finish. each grid is a 1″X 1″ square.

Works In Progress

Ferrus Manus- Stage 3: Skin

The laborious task of Ferrus Manus continues. Befitting such an important (and quite large) miniature, I’m taking my time with him. This stage is his skin and of course, Ferrus Manus’ iron hands. 399 more words


My Version Of Kronos 1 Study Model part 1

The clean textures for my D2 are done and I’m kinda sick of doing textures for now since that’s all I’ve done for the last three ships I worked on. 26 more words


Collage in progress

I haven’t done much art lately because I’ve been at work for the majority of my summer, so I thought collaging would be perfect to do on my breaks or days off. 43 more words

Works In Progress