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What's On My Hook?

The Christmas Boutique I participated in last weekend went fairly well. I always like selling in person more than selling online. I love to hear feedback on my items and suggestions for new things I could make. 178 more words


Just want to get some outside perspective...

I am in the process of writing a book right now, and I am stuck on a few things. I might post some of the other places I’m stuck, but for now, I’m going to stick to one major issue I have. 193 more words


Untitled Story Project 3847, part 2.

Her eyelids fluttered with the weight of a thousand hours.

I couldn’t have been asleep for a thousand hours, she thought irritatingly. A thousand hours means I’ve missed winter and I’ve been cold all night. 144 more words



I have officially started working on my first graphic novel called “Pizza Loves Taco” which will feature¬†anthropomorphic food, dinosaurs, time travel, projectile vomit, fist fights and all sorts of things that appeal to 12 year old boys and 34 year old comic book nerds. 85 more words


Scout Refit, Pt. 04

I got some helpful feedback on the deflector, so I made some changes. I made it more the shape of the cut out in the saucer. 69 more words


Scout Refit, Pt. 03

I started fiddling with the scout refit again today. I added various things here and there. Ignore the color on the navigational deflector, that’s temporary. (all colors are subject to change)


Untitled Story Project 3847.

A bullshitter of sorts.

Unable to get out of this one, she told herself.

The blanket was not warm enough. The lights were not bright enough. 227 more words