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Bloomberg: 'I've Earned My Place in Heaven'

If you are looking for an example of delusional people who have no idea Who God is, Who His Son, Our Savior is, or God’s expressed entrance requirements to enter His Heaven, you have found that example in this simple minded man, Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. 467 more words


HVAC Benefits And How It Works

People can get affected by changes in temperature in our environment. If it was too hot, they would complain and wished it was cooler. It gets cold and they would still fuss about it. 520 more words



Skinny Fiber
*No side effects (known)
*No caffeine
*No jitters
*Gluten free
Skinny Fiber helps you to lose weight, all while helping correct you from the inside out and helps to boost your metabolism. 118 more words

DIY Foot Spa Mix… I Heard It Works For Most, But

DIY foot spa mix… I heard it works for most, but you still gotta scrub the skin, which isn’;t a bad trad off at all. Others adjusted the mouthwash & vinegar to 1/2 cup or 1 cup.


Daily Ideas

Things God Taught Me

When I think about the things the man taught me from the orphanage, there was always this one requirement during His training: Faith. Throughout my life in America, when I used to see preachers, priests and even evangelists talking about faith, all I heard was “Blah, blah, blah..” Faith was just a word to me and it also, seemed like just a word to them. 420 more words

It Still Works T-Shirt

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