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Kidlington Folk Bird Workshop

I spent a lovely afternoon getting creative with the very talented ladies of the Kidlington Craft Group, making a whole flock of very fancy Folk Birds. 49 more words


Design Literacy

Design Literacy – useful to extend critical thinking and analysis and to get students actually considering the wider factors of their designs. I use the above simplified A4 sheet to get my year 9 students started, it is followed up by intermittent literacy tasks see below . 37 more words

Junior Graphics DVC

Basic Isometric Tutorial Videos Online

Shane’s Instrumental Isometric Drawing Videos (Thanks for Sharing Shane!)

Further to my Isometric instructional sheets my colleague Shane has produced some handy little videos for Instrumental Isometric Drawing. 62 more words

Junior Graphics DVC

Delete Excess Spaces (rows and columns) from a WorkBook

Sometimes the excess spaces (beyond used range) in a workbook make the file size heavy. Microsoft Excel saves only the part of each worksheet that is in use, meaning the section that contains data or formatting. 659 more words


Delete Comments from all WorkSheets of a WorkBook

In some of the tasks (especially after reviewing) we require to delete all comments from all worksheets of a workbook. The below macro will help to achieve this. 50 more words


Count number of occurance of a specific Color in Range

In some of tasks, we require count number of occurrence of specific color in a range in the worksheet/workbook. The below UDF function allows to do exactly that. 101 more words