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VBA Conditional Formatting

A common request I get when writing code for others, is that they want something highlighted when certain criteria is entered.

You can of course use conditional formatting and even extend this beyond the target cell using formulated conditional formatting but there are restrictions on the number of criteria you can differentiate between. 530 more words


24 noviembre

Español 2

Explanation of saber vs conocer and worksheet.

Saber and conocer


Worksheet of the Week: Color by Numbers

This week’s Worksheet of the Week has something for everyone… math, coloring, ships. What more could you ask for? Ask your parents to help you download and print it today by clicking on the image above!

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Worksheet of the Week: Farmer Adam Needs Your Help!

Hey Jumpeez! Here’s a brand new worksheet of the week for you! Farmer Adam had a great harvest this year and he needs your help counting his different crops! 17 more words

Worksheets For Kids

Designing a website

Complete the text with the appropriate words:

Worksheet here and PDF here

More here

a) Take decisions about the following steps:


Memulai Belajar Code Scala dengan Scala Worksheet di Eclipse

Ada beberapa cara untuk kita bisa memulai belajar dan menjalankan code scala kita, bisa menggunakan REPL, Scala Interpreter ataupun menggunakan Scala Worksheet yang akan kita bahas kali ini. 303 more words



Before class preparation

  • What are constellations?
  • How were constellations used throughout history?
  • What do modern astronomers use constellations for? Is there even a need?

In class activity… 32 more words