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Commandment #3 - Let Your Budget Inspire You

We hear it all the time… we must spend within our budgets, but what does that really mean? Many people spend aimlessly without preparing a budget and as a result, they usually come up short in their financial goals. 280 more words


Blank Staff and Keyboard Template with Goals

This PDF is a blank template featuring an empty grand staff, keyboard and space for 3 goals. I anticipate using this as a scale worksheet with my students. 86 more words


Lessons Learned

I had a really good time in my class the other day using this simple but entertaining worksheet I came up with.

Despite kids being in the 8th grade, generally, the English level is still relatively quite low by the time the are in Junior High school. 301 more words

"The House That Jack Built"-Week Four

“The House That Jack Built”

Week Four-First Corner with Suggestions

Herein is the first corner of the Pen & Ink worksheet with suggestions from viewers to “The House That Jack Built” project. 325 more words

Add a new Worksheet to an Excel Workbook in VBA

A really simple line of code to do this!!

ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets.Add(After:=Worksheets(ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.Count)).Name = "My New Workbook"

Note how this section of code, simply counts the number of Worksheets you already have in your workbook… 17 more words

Excel 2010

Summer Math Review Puzzle: Algebra I #1

One of my students asked if I would write her some math puzzles to help her review Algebra I over the summer before she goes into Algebra II. 12 more words


STEM Activity: Mini-Greenhouses

As part of our plant biology projects, we made some mini greenhouses with the kids. These were simple, inexpensive and fun to do with the group.   184 more words