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Worksheet: Punctuation Crossword Puzzle Freebie

One of those ideas I had one day …

Crossword puzzle where the clues are punctuation symbols. Why? Plenty of my students frequently ask me ‘what’s an a-poss-troff?’ Includes answer key. 30 more words


How to combine 2 excel workbooks using Vlookup

EXCEL TIP: With VLOOKUP you can easily manipulate complex data in excel. VLOOKUP stands for Vertical Lookup because excel locates a value in the first column of a data table and returns a value in the same row from a preselected column. 86 more words

School & Career

Observing and Describing Emotion (Anger, Jealousy)

Name: Marci    Date: 9/16/14

Emotion names: Anger     Jealousy    Intensity (0-100): 25

Prompting event for my emotion: (who, what, when, where)  What started the emotion?  The just the facts section. 266 more words

Background Information

Physical Properties: Density

Before class preparation

In class activity

  • Physical properties of elements

  • Coke vs. Diet Coke…

  • 18 more words

Uncial worksheet

In case you missed class last week, but want to try your hand at uncials, here’s the exemplar (worksheet) that we used in class. Try writing something simple, like your name or a short sentence. 29 more words