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The elves and the schoolteacher

Section 124 is a startled reflection

Having satisfied the school with his efforts on their behalf, and while the leadership team, desperate to appoint, waited for Rev Dr Albright to return from his recruitment expedition to China and Korea, Vernon took several days off school to obtain his visas. 381 more words

Creative Writing

EFL classroom activities and resources for Halloween

As Halloween is nearly upon us, Stacey Hughes, teacher trainer in the Professional Development team at OUP, has been busy creating a collection of ghostly classroom activities for you to use with your class.  246 more words

Adults / Young Adults

Querer - all the forms

I have been confusing the imperfect and conditional forms of querer, so have been writing out the conjugations to drill in the correct forms. This document outlines the forms, and notes to remember.

Exploring Plants and Water

This website offers great information about the water cycle and the importance of plants. It provides teachers with different activities and lesson ideas about transpiration, terrariums, and the water cycle. 35 more words

Water Cycle

Ser and Ir - all the verbs forms laid out together

I’ve been writing out the endings for the verbs ser and ir next to each other, as I kept forgetting for which tenses the forms were identical. 20 more words

When to use 'por'

This isn’t a definitive list at all, but I’ve been making a note of where ‘por’ is used in sentences (especially when it is used instead of ‘para’). 32 more words