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Relative clauses with WHO and THAT

Look at this sentence:
The man gave me some money.
If we want to describe the man, we can use an adjective [old, thin, young, etc): 362 more words


120 Common Action Verbs | (Present and Negative Forms)

Here are some practice worksheets for conjugating 120 Common Action Verbs in their present form as well as in their negative forms.

BB4_1_Common Verbs (PDF)


Writer's Worksheets: Special Item Creation Sheet

Another worksheet I use when I’m creating fictional worlds. I use this one mostly when I’m creating religious relics or items that supposedly belonged to long-dead heroes. 68 more words

Creative Writing

Action Verbs

This is the next lesson in the series and it covers 120 common (every day) action verbs as well as their present form (tense) conjugations.  I will update this post soon with some tips for conjugating verbs in their present forms.  146 more words

Alphabets, Phonics and Syllables


Here is a consolidated lesson on the English Alphabet, Phonics and discovering Syllables.  These lessons are building blocks for learning English.  Enjoy!

BB1_Alphabets_Phonics_Syllables (PDF)

Budgeting Money Tips, Worksheets & Lesson Plans

Budgeting Money Tips, Worksheets & Lesson Plans http://Look-Inside.Money-Online-Book.com Budgeting Money Tips, Worksheets & Lesson Plans … From: Money Tips TV Views: 0 0 ratings Time: 08:16 More in People & Blogs… 12 more words