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Taoist Tai Chi™ arts on the Banks of the River Moy

Earlier this month Taoist Tai Chi™ arts came to Ireland in a big way . The small town of Foxford, on the banks of the River Moy, suddenly had an influx of 176 people coming to a 3-day International program. The whole town must have been aware that something was going on and it wasn’t to do with fishing. “What were all these people doing?” must have been asked around town. The workshop participants didn’t really need to ask because we all felt it. Led wonderfully by Tony Kwong and translated by Susan Tam , we all came to feel changes for the better and for some profound healing experiences happened and were shared .

Our task for this year is to keep working on those changes and share them around the 12 locations in Ireland. Then maybe next year we will return to Foxford and this time it will not only be famous for its fishing but for its Tai Chi also…

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20th Anniversary and International Program in Budapest

Practice was done in small groups in order to help everyone fully utilize the potential of the time spent together. Although only the first 24 steps were studied intensively during the program, the sets we performed every morning definitely changed in these three days. 117 more words

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500 Meters of Tai Chi in Blonia Park, Krakow

5 days International Instructors Workshop of Taoist Tai Chi™ arts was held in Krakow from 2nd – 6th July. It was led by long-time students of Master Moy: Karen Laughlin and Sean Denison.  78 more words

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CIT Week 2014

Many of you have registered or are soon to arrive with the preparations for CIT Week at the International Centre in Orangeville.

If you are not yet one of those many: 188 more words

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Sabre Weekend in Madrid & on Regional TV News program

A magnificent Tai Chi with Sabre International Workshop was held in the Southern European Centre this weekend, attracting more than 150 people from 16 different countries. 109 more words

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A Weekend of Alignment in Kingston

Sixty nine participants in a two-day National Program hosted by the Kingston Branch on June 7-8 studied alignment in the Don Yu and Tor Yu and how that could be extended to the set. 403 more words

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Central Region and Physiology Weekend, May 2 – 4, 2014

The Central Region and Physiology Weekend was held May 2-4, 2014  at the International Centre with 130 participants in attendance. Participants mainly came from 20 Central Region Branches (we’re counting the 7 Toronto Branches in attendance as one), but we also had representation from Eastern Region, Pacific Region, and the US’ Northeast and Southeast Regions. 516 more words

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