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My Workspace!

The most important place in my house and the place that i spend most of my day is my bedroom and that is because i have transformed one corner into my workspace! 325 more words


Clever Ways to Customize Your Workspace

Creating your “Home away from Home” should be a priority.

Did you know that the cubicle was born in the 1960s? In 1968,  Herman Miller released a project called the Action Office. 58 more words


It's not just a winning spot.

About 2 weeks ago, my tutors told me about the design competitions. It’s very intriguing and exciting for me and I totally love to join. I think that studied MA in UK is a good chance to support me to do various activities and get precious experiences. 363 more words


The City Like A Maze


The City like a Maze

The city of Camagüey in Cuba is known as the maze. A chance encounter on the street there begins a story in photographs about old school ties, crocodiles and a secret society. 120 more words


Christmas stocking fillers and personalised refillable notepads

I’ve not put any work on here for a while as I’ve been pretty busy working on a commissioned piece that I’ll post about soon. These are a few little bundles of notebooks I’ve made to give as Christmas presents and also my partner, Pauline of PJK Piano, complained about her scruffy dog-eared A4 paper pad, so I created this personalised hard-cover to keep her paper all nice and neat.



Since i started talking about creativity, i have to mention that for me having a workspace that is not messy is critically important. I find it rather difficult to work when my home office is cluttered with unwanted items, so i had to take some time off anything else and clean it a little bit. 36 more words

Horse Toy

Take Leave for Lunch!

Is it lunchtime yet? Maybe the better question would be to ask if you even take a lunch break at all. Research reports that in North America, only one in five employees put time aside for meals, with nearly 40% of this population claiming to eat at their desks. 309 more words