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China’s minimum wage rising as rich-poor gap widens - MarketWatch


Shanghai’s minimum wage is now the highest, with the monthly rate increased by 12.3% to 1,820 yuan ($293) and the hourly wage hiked by 21.4% to 17 yuan ($2.70), according to data compiled by the state-owned China News Agency. 76 more words

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Chikungunya - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


chikungunya was confirmed on the Caribbean island of St. Martin with 66 confirmed cases and suspected cases of around 181. This outbreak is the first time in the Western Hemisphere that the disease has spread to humans from a population of infected mosquitoes. 99 more words

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Ebola virus disease - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Bats drop partially eaten fruits and pulp, then terrestrial mammals such as gorillas and duikers feed on these fallen fruits. This chain of events forms a possible indirect means of transmission from the natural host to animal populations, which have led to research towards viral shedding in the saliva of bats. 226 more words

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