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Peddler of Iraq War Lies Now Pushes Lies On Urkaine to Drum Up Confrontation with Russia

Looks like No one could give a sh*t about Ukraine and what is happening……all I can say is…..remember that when the nut cutting starts!

Mental midgets are still fixated on some damn freeloader in Nevada……..and that is just plain PATHETIC! 94 more words

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Here We Go---Again

Things are not looking too good in Eurasia…..Ukraine is at a rapid boil……Russia is strutting around like some game cock……There has been many different types of violence……shooting at planes, attacking government buildings and attack on personnel………Ukraine is responding ….. 686 more words

International Situations

Hit Them In The Wallet

By now most of America has moved on from Ukraine but if things go to crap you can be sure that the Tea Party will have something to say…..right now they are fixated on some freeloading rancher and cannot be bothered with another issue……….. 388 more words

International Situations

The Demise of Democracy in the USA

In my blog, What’s it all about Mr. Prime Minister, picked up today by the Huffington Post you will find the following paragraph:

Nor are the other leading democratic nations well advanced on this journey. 710 more words

Values In Society

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April 22, 2014 Interesting article by Richard Barrett FRSA

US plans to sell Black Hawks to Mexico

The Pentagon said Monday it has informed the US Congress that it plans to sell 18 Black Hawk helicopters to Mexico for $680 million. Lawmakers have 30 days as of April 17, when they were notified, to raise any objections. 95 more words

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