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The Face of Propganda

When setting up BTW my initial idea was, in short verse post  stories concerning hidden truths in the media from my perspective.

In reality, this is becoming virtually impossible. 766 more words

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50 shades of horror - how to survive the grisly media onslaught

It’s a most pleasant Sunday morning at the beach, one that started with a walk on the sand with two lucky dogs and a cup of coffee before everyone else got up – the time of day when I feel the most positive and optimistic, about the day ahead, and life in general. 976 more words

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Turning of the Tide

There has been a lot happening in Gaza and Israel since the last post, and by the sound of things it seems like Israel is finally feeling the pressure from all the corners of the World, and not a moment to soon with the death toll sitting at 670, with most of them being Palestinian civilians, 90 of them woman and and estimated 160 of them being children. 393 more words

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Things I Don't Understand About the War in the Middle East

Be prepared for lists and questions.

This post is strictly my opinion of things that are known, things that I think are known to be true (based on what I’ve read/seen online, information friends have told me, what I’ve learned in school, etc.), and things I don’t know. 660 more words

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Israel using flechette shells in Gaza as accusations of War crimes gather pace

This earlier today explained a little here. http://shaunynews.com/2014/07/23/breaking-news-un-chief-israel-could-be-guilty-of-war-crimes/ And may explain the many deaths of young children. I ask simply, is this a War? no, this isn’t a war, this is genocide by Israel. 552 more words

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