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The Shift, The Rapture, Enlightenment, Ascension, or What?

“Whether we are changing the world or we are changing ourselves, the effect is the same – we are living in a new world.”

Superhero Report from Monday, August 11, 2014… 642 more words

World Changes

He Who Holds the Gold

Today’s blog continues the discussion about authority, and specifically addresses the question:  Who will actually help to bring about change?  In short – it will NOT be the one who currently holds the gold. 868 more words


Authentic and Effective "Authority"

Today’s blog addresses the current stage of our human evolution which is quickly (and not so peacefully) replacing hierarchical, patriarchal authority with something of another sort all together.  727 more words


Prayers for Peace and a Return to Love

With conflict heightening and violence increasing in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, I feel an urgent call to invite all Superheroes (hint…..we are all Superheroes) to pause for a moment today and PRAY for peace and send intentions for a return to love – in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the world. 214 more words

World Changes

Morgan's Blogs: Changes




In our present day world of wars, rumors of wars, oppression, self-serving politicians, hunger, famine and often pessimistic transformations developed over the past thirty years, we often think that one small voice, one shift in thinking could not possibly make a difference. 749 more words


Readying for the New World

Yesterday, while sitting in meditation, my spirit journeyed.  I journeyed to the garden where I usually find myself when I know I have journeyed to the “Upper World” and where I meet with my spirit teacher.  443 more words

World Changes