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Current World Changes - Preparing for the BIG BANG

Today’s blog arrives with a sense of urgency.  The world is changing….and we are feeling it in every part of our being.  We are being SQUEEZED in preparation for the BIG BANG…..catapulting…..rocketing us into a whole new world….a world that we get to choose – the current world rooted in fear or a more loving world rooted in unity consciousness.  724 more words


Superheroes Among Us

If you were born with a sense that you are here for a reason but you don’t know what that reason is…or perhaps you know that reason and it is to heal and change the world, then you might be a Superhero! 383 more words

Spiritual Practices

What Do You Mean the World is an Illusion?

A lot of new-agers throw this idea around. I have said it myself. The world as we know it isn’t REAL!

It’s a tough concept because it sure seems real. 503 more words


I don't know how you do it...

People tell me all this time: “I don’t know how you do it”. I barely know how to respond to them because I have it embodied within me to go to university and raise kids. 718 more words