FREEZE FRAME: Explore how the representation of urban environments contributes to the key themes of 'Chungking Express' (1994)

Wong Kar Wai’s ‘fast and loose’ piece Chungking Express (1994) is set in the heart of Hong Kong during the transitional period of the change over from a British-owned colonial state sovereignty to that of Chinese rule. 1,060 more words


All about my mother (1999)

Written and Directed by – Pedro Almodóvar

Opening in Madrid, it is a story of a single mother who loses her teenage son to a car accident and in grief, leaves the city for her hometown, Barcelona. 107 more words

World Cinema

Project Nim (2011)

Directed by – James Marsh

A film made on a chimp who was raised as a human child and then passed on to teachers after teachers under the care of Herbert Terrace, all of of who became integral in studying the behaviour and understanding the capabilities of the closest to human species. 94 more words

World Cinema

Exit through the gift shop (2010)

Directed by – Banksy

What is good art? Is it an idea that has never been seen before? Or an idea that has never been seen the same way before? 109 more words

World Cinema