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Advanced Business Management Concepts: Helping Integrate Iran into the Global World Economy

December 18th, 2014

The 1979 Iranian Revolution caused an exodus of its people who left the country in search of safer havens. You can say that the Iranian Revolution helped globalize Iranians by creating a large diaspora scattered throughout different continents. 356 more words


White Paper: Improving Lives and Indonesia's Economy

Written from the perspective of an Indonesian NGO addressing its own government, the white paper seeks to balance the benefits and drawbacks of globalization in order to improve the lives of workers in sweatshops while also keeping Indonesia’s economy prosperous.

White paperVladimirStroe


U.S. Economic Recovery

Historically, United States is the most efficient country to recover after a world economic crisis. In 2008 when US was inside the eye of the hurricane and had its financial market reputation shaken, world investors began looking for a new safe haven. 243 more words


Manufacturing Production

Historically, if a Nation has an excellent industrialization process, probably its development and economic indexes are higher than world average. A lot of factors contribute to countries achieve a solid manufacturing, but, in general, without a transparency in monetary policy, logistics structure and acceptable taxes, investors don’t be attracted and the capacity of industrialization becomes weak. 216 more words


India expects a promising year ahead for exports

However, it would be the revival in global economy that would matter the most for the shipments leaving Indian shores, said the government officials and exporters while striking a note of caution for 2015. 95 more words


South African trade union federation expels biggest union for crime of fighting for workers

by Peter Manson

Cape Town has just played host to the “largest global gathering of trade unions ever to take place in Africa”, in the shape of the December 7-10 world congress of the Swiss-based UNI Global Union. 4,035 more words

Workers' Rights

Income Equality

Morning, all-

Whilst perusing news this morning, I ran across this frustrating little tidbit in CNN Money concerning Income equality.  You can read the piece for yourself, but I’ll give you the CV of the article. 1,134 more words