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Sierra Leone tries to scare public into stopping ebola spread

From the Guardian: ‘Western area surge’ will use similar tactics to UK drink-driving campaigns to scare people into changing their behaviour

The president of Sierra Leone will launch a massive campaign on Wednesday to curb the spread of Ebola in the western areas of the capital Freetown, which will aim to scare people into changing their behaviour. 619 more words


Dying to eat: the conatus of capital vs the conatus of life

Babies fed infant formula are twice as likely as breastfed babies to die in the first six weeks of life. Even in rich countries like the UK. 707 more words

New blood test may accurately detect TB – Suryadeep Hospital

“Tuberculosis (TB), that often dodges physicians, can now be precisely detected with a new blood test that can eliminate more than 50 percent of the procedure that goes into detecting the disease.” 269 more words

Suryadeep Health Awareness Program.

Ebola death toll rises to 6,388 as Sierra Leone overtakes Liberia

By Zack Jones in Sydney, Australia

The death toll from the Ebola outbreak has reached 6,388 deaths out of 17,942 cases, the World Health Organisation has said. 144 more words

WHO and Scientific Consensus

Another way you can get involved influencing WHO policy is by working with the organization to develop scientific consensus. The results of the WHO Policy Polls… 463 more words

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Drinking a bottle of wine a day keeps the doctor away, says scientist

This is just the sort of advice all boozers love to read.

A former World Health Organisation (WHO) alcohol expert has said that a bottle of wine a day is better for your health than avoiding alcohol. 173 more words


Dracunculiasis: on the way to eradication

Previously an endemic disease, Dracunculiasis (also known as guinea-worm disease), has had just 148 cases reported from January-September 2013. It is a rare global health success story, and the World Health Organisation is determined to see it through to complete eradication. 326 more words