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Weekly Photo Challenge: Yellow Buses of Malta

Malta is only quite small, in fact it is the tenth smallest country in the World, the fifth smallest in Europe and the tiniest in the European Union but it also happens to have the eighth highest population density in the World (in Europe only the Vatican City and Gibraltar are more crowded) so this is not a get away from it all sort of place at all. 47 more words


The Douro River

It took me some time to take this picture going down by the Escada dos Guindais.

The Douro River with Dom Luis I Bridge is a favorite picture postcard of the city of Porto.


Budapest, Gellért Hill

The next morning the previous days fog had lifted and the sun was shining over the Danube and ploughing a fiery russet furrow in the water running all the way from the east bank to the west. 816 more words


Stuck in Shirakawago

Yesterday I fulfilled one of the few dreams I have for this road trip: visiting Shirakawa-go. Of course there are plenty of other great places I have been lucky to see, and more to come from now on, but there are really only a couple that are specifically on my wish list, and this is one of them. 931 more words

Essen Zollverein: industry - history - beauty?

When pursuing a quest to check out as much UNESCO world heritage sites as possible, one occasionally comes across some unexpected scenery. For example: a 19th-20th century coal mining site, such as the one in Essen (Germany). 768 more words


010 vs. 020

Don’t get me wrong, I love Amsterdam. To death. Literally, I will probably die here in 34 years. But like NY has its LA, and London has its Manchester, Sydney has Melbun (the way Barbra taught me to pronounce it), and MAD has BCN — so 020 has 010. 371 more words

Are you travelling alone?

Today was spent exploring Cape Tribulation, the Daintree River and surrounding areas.

At first we had a short cruise up and down the Daintree river searching for crocodiles again, due to this river being salt water as it is connected to the ocean there are fewer crocodiles that inhabit it (as opposed to what we saw in Kakadu last week) – which is extremely ironic considering they are called SALTwater crocodiles… Don’t let the name fool you, these salties prefer fresh water to lay their eggs in and hunt on more prey. 444 more words