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WH: Ancient Roman Republic Exam Review Guide

The ARR Exam will take place in class on Wednesday 9/24.  Here is your review guide. Get started!!

World History

Castle Varrich in Tongue, Sutherland, Scotland

The Mackay castle, called Castle Varrich, is located in the far north of the Scottish Highlands near the village of Tongue, Sutherland, Scotland. In Scottish Gaelic the castle is called “Caisteal Bharraich”.   58 more words

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World History

Today we reviewed the ancient Greece map from your packet.  We compared being born in Athens and Sparta through two plays in class.  Notes were completed on Sparta. 15 more words

World History

Homework for Wednesday September, 17 Thursday September 18

U.S History A Block: A final draft of your Hamilton/Jefferson open response is due.

U.S. History blocks E & F:Read Chapter 6, section 2 in your book pp.190-196. 29 more words


Writing Historical Narratives

The Common Core’s addition of narrative writing is likely to challenge many History/Social Science teachers that are unfamiliar with this type of writing. Students are now expected to write narratives that develop real or imagined experiences, and/or events using well-chosen details and well-structured event sequences. 487 more words

Historical Writing

WH: Reading for Monday

Read pp. 157-159 for tomorrow.  Take good notes, there may be a quiz.  Then again, there may not; you never know.

World History