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Thinking Aloud: "The Leaders Who Ruined Africa and the Generation Who Can Fix It"

Oct. 22,  2014 by Darius 

In his TED Talk, “The Leaders Who Ruined Africa and the Generation Who Can Fix It,” Fred Swaniker discusses the enormous impact of individual leaders on Africa. 397 more words

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Canada's Ground Zero: the National War Memorial

Whether Wednesday’s terror attacker ever fully grasped the significance of the place he chose to launch his assault — or whether the National War Memorial was simply an opportune spot, with the soldier that was his first target within easy view, and close to his intended and surely final destination of Parliament — is a question that now might never be answered. 563 more words

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Julius Caesar

Bell Work

Create a new Google Doc in your Quarter 2 folder.  Title it Julius Caesar.  Copy and paste the questions from the activity section below. 212 more words

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Put a Tiger in your tank: But not if you want to win the war

“To a New Yorker like you, a hero is a weird type of sandwich, not some nut who takes on three Tigers.” The line is from the 1970 Second World War comedy… 1,619 more words

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Icons and Iconoclasts

How do we continue to remember and learn from the worlds incredible people and momentous moments in history when they just keep piling up on each other? 71 more words


Rediscovering a Better, Broader View of History

Husband and wife Will and Ariel Durant decided back in the 1930s to write a comprehensive history of the world over the span of more than four decades. 340 more words

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WH: Reading and Maps

Your first reading assignment for the Hinduism-Buddhism was pp. 68-74.  For tomorrow (Wednesday) complete these two maps and read pp. 76-78.

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