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American Revolution

This week you will be researching the American Revolution.

Use Chapter 17 in your online textbook to do this week’s work.

For today: Monday 4/21/14… 84 more words

World History

The Counterfeit God

Reading about the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten and how he made everyone change from worshiping other gods to just one god, Aten, the sun god, makes me think of the possible counterfeiting of Satan’s attempt to mock God and Jesus Christ. 107 more words

World History

The Dutch Republic recognized the United States as an independent government today in 1782 with John Adams as the Ambassador to the Netherlands. Now WE know em

In December of 1777, Morocco became the first nation to recognize the newly formed United States of America.

By 1779, Benjamin Franklin had established a United States mission in Paris after France had officially recognized the United States in 1778. 190 more words

Now We Know Em

Thinking Aloud: “What Changes Everything”

Apr. 18, 2014 by Darius 

I recently finished What Changes Everything by Masha Hamilton.  The novel brings together the story threads of a myriad of characters, past and present, affected by the war in Afghanistan.  400 more words

Thinking Aloud

Grading period ends on Friday!!!

I’ll be accepting work up until 4:15 on Friday afternoon, so get any and all late or missing work in to me.

AP World History

World War I Homework

These are due on Monday, April 21st. The timeline has the first entry completed for you as an example. Use Google/Wikipedia for the dates – if the exact month is not available, that is ok. 16 more words

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