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Rediscovering a Better, Broader View of History

Husband and wife Will and Ariel Durant decided back in the 1930s to write a comprehensive history of the world over the span of more than four decades. 340 more words

World History

WH: Reading and Maps

Your first reading assignment for the Hinduism-Buddhism was pp. 68-74.  For tomorrow (Wednesday) complete these two maps and read pp. 76-78.

World History

Colonization of China

Opium Wars

The imperialist occupation of China began with the Opium Wars. Before these wars, only two Chinese ports were open for foreign trade. China was already a prosperous civilization, which had invented paper, printing and gunpowder. 860 more words


The Rise and Fall of Rome

Bell Work

Create a quarter 1 folder in your World History folder.  Put all of your quarter 1 work in it.

Create a quarter 2 folder in your World History folder.   109 more words

World History

Ebola - lessons from the past

The Four Horsemen – War, Famine, Pestilence and Death* – tend to work as a team. War brings famine (and famine, or at least land shortage, brings war). 943 more words

European History

The 7 Characteristics of Civilization

If you’re going to pursue a serious study of world history, you have to determine an appropriate place to start. Subjects like Big History take as its starting point the origin of the universe, beginning around 13 billion years ago and proceeding to cover astronomical, geological, and biological pre-history before arriving at the emergence of humans. 424 more words

World History

Globalization - National Geographic Education

This website is a great tool for students to use in the classroom when talking about globalization. There are many pictures of different places around the world to help students visualize how globalization is happening and help give representation to what is being said in the article. 45 more words

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