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Homework for Wednesday October,1

World History, both blocks no homework, but C block should make sure to pick up a review sheet on Thursday (even though our class does not meet.) 28 more words


World History

Today we reviewed in class for the unit TEST tomorrow.

Don’t forget the test is tomorrow!

Greece and Rome Triva Review Game

Review guide- Greece Rome Study Guide (2014) 7 more words

World History

homework for Tuesday night September 30

U.S. History Block A: Read p.216-218

U.S. History Blocks  E&F: Read p.219-220

World History C Block: Read chapter 24, section 3 p.629-633 and do question#1 on page 633


Who Were Moses and David?

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1. To jews he is Moshe Rabbenu ( Moses, our teacher)

2. Moshe was a lawgiver, hero above all heroes, Cristian, A model to faith, and to all Muslim. 133 more words

War Poetry?

My About Me sections mentions the poet Wilfred Owen whose poetry was introduced to me during an English lesson at secondary school. I remember my English teacher, who was blessed with a heavy Yorkshire accent, giving us a very dramatic reading of Dulce et decorum est. 209 more words

World History

A New World: A Life of Thomas Paine

I admit to being one of those individuals who likes to be “ahead of the curve”, someone who prefers to discover a new band or artist before everyone else jumps on the bandwagon, a point at which I have already jumped off. 233 more words

World History