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World History from an Enlightened, Scientific Perspective

In this national bestseller and winner of the Pulitzer Prize, Jared Diamond covers 13,000 years of human history on every continent. The book is wide-ranging in scope but answers one very simple question: why did people of Eurasian origin come to dominate the world in terms of wealth and power instead of the people of African, Aboriginal Australian, or Native American origins? 738 more words

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River Valley's - Mesopotamia | July 29 - 30

Bell Work:

Create a new folder on your desktop called World History.

Inside the folder, create another folder called River Valley Civilizations

Download the Power Point below into that folder. 127 more words

World History

Thinking Aloud: Back From France

July 28, 2014 by Darius

I am back.  I just returned from spending a month studying in France.  During my time getting to know the French people and culture, one thing struck me as especially noteworthy.  252 more words

Thinking Aloud

I Have No Dog In This Fight

There is a battle raging in 21st century America. The battle lines have been drawn, the war is producing casualties, and every man now has to choose a side. 823 more words

World History

Everyone Remembers Their First Date

It seems that we of the Twenty-First Century take for granted that we have a relatively precise system of dating. We can calculate to the day how many months it has been since the Chicago Fire (two-thousand seventy six), how many days it has been since last Christmas (one hundred ninety eight), and how many hours have passed since a Calvinist and an Arminian began bickering anew (zero). 656 more words

World History

100 years later, is the Great War still being fought?

If you were around in the 1960s or even the 70s, it’s possible you may have seen or heard from a veteran of the First World War. 196 more words



This is the Code of Hammurabi written in cuneiform on a mud brick tablet.  As far as we know, Mesopotamians were the first to develop writing.   209 more words

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