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Facing the Truth

Living as Apprentices

“People do not want to acknowledge or face up to the reality of a crucified world, and even less do we want to ask ourselves what is our share of responsibility for such a world.

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Living As Apprentices

Ban Animal Agriculure

Social organization is built into our DNA. Family, tribes, race, religion, neighborhoods, cities, sports teams, etc.
We as humans organize ourselves into hierarchies: tribal chiefs, witch doctors, preachers, kings, popes, mayors, and presidents. 251 more words

The Poverty Experiment (Day 1 & 2)

Apart from Marketing Management, I also major in AB Communication. How is that possible? You tell me.

Over the school year, I took up a class that will expand my knowledge on how relevant Communication majors are in benefiting to the wellness of this poverty-stricken world – Development Communication. 2,032 more words

The Great Adventures

Capitalism: The Ultimate Engine Of Cruelty

There will always be people who want to eat meat or wear fur, just as there will always be men who want to rape women. 262 more words

How do you touch the heart of the heartless?

I have had enough talk
About slaves and the hungry
I have cried for the women
Who are lured abroad
with false promises of work and prosperity… 121 more words


34/Opposite of HD Brand/Free Rice

The HD brand features indulgence with their products and how people can savor their treats at any time. An opposite of this could be giving others indulgence instead of yourself especially when people need it the most. 145 more words

Bees in northern Europe are dying faster than they should be—and threatening billions in crops

With the world set to have 9.5 billion people to feed by 2050, the name of the game is productivity. That’s why honeybees are so important—39 of the world’s 57 major crops yield more  553 more words