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Dirty dishes.

I have a love-hate relationship with dirty dishes.

We had a dishwasher most of my growing up years, but that didn’t inspire my siblings and me to cheerfully load and empty it! 796 more words


Top Ten Christmas Songs Countdown

Here in Clarksville Christmas begins the day after Thanksgiving. Counting today there are 10 Mondays until Christmas day. Monday’s Music theme seemed to come on its own, Top Ten Christmas Songs Countdown. 119 more words

Monday's Music

What Causes World Hunger?

There is enough food on this planet for everyone, yet every night, one in nine people go to bed hungry. So why does hunger continue to happen? 128 more words

World Hunger

World Hunger- A Billion for a Billion

A short clip by UNICEF on how to make a difference to World Hunger.

World Hunger

Stopping World Hunger

The only way for people to escape chronic hunger and move out of the poverty trap is to employ sustainable methods entirely based on self-reliance. 106 more words

World Hunger


All the “jaw jacking” in the world isn’t going to fix world homelessness,  hunger and poverty!  Excessive living is at its max. More and more people are selfish… they just don’t believe it can happen to anyone! 421 more words

World Vision and Their Part in Preventing World Hunger.

World Vision is a worldwide Christian organization dedicated to providing short-term and long-term assistance to over 100 million people all over the world. They provide a financial assistance, a safety net and technical support. 197 more words

World Hunger