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Day Thirteen Entry

A list of things you would change in the world. 

1.) End world hunger. 

I’ve been in the store, making my rounds aisle after aisle, both confused and fascinated at the fact that we take this luxury for granted. 540 more words

Writing Challenges

Worms for Dinner?

Oh boy, worms are edible. I got worms.

Are we responding appropriately to the likelihood of collapse of unsustainable corporate farming?

I am starting to see articles touting edible insects as a cure for world hunger.   278 more words

Food Forest

Questioning Pet Ownership Paradigm

My intentions with this train of thought are for conversational exploratory purposes only. Although I personally conclude our historical use of resources would have been better allocated in other ways I wouldn’t expect anyone to euthanize their pet after reading this and I wouldn’t want them to. 1,046 more words

Who created "Weeds"

Who decided weeds needed
to be killed?

Who created the word,

Why does WEED have a negative
connotation? Why is in a
nickname for… 32 more words


Could social media solve world hunger?

Could social media solve world hunger? We don’t know, but what Virgin Mobile Australia and OzHarvest are doing is definitely a step in the right direction. 212 more words

Social Media

While Thousands Of Americans Go To Bed Hungry, Corporations Are Wasting Good Food In Massive Portions Daily.

While I need to protect my resource for this information, it has been brought to my attention that the amount of food waste inside of the food stations of stores such as Target, Walmart, and numerous other stores is not only irresponsible but shameful. 1,128 more words

A chance meeting on Facebook

Our paths happened to cross on Facebook. That is not so strange until you realize Madaki Elkanah lives in the nation of Niger whose population is 80% Muslim and one of the poorest nations in Africa. 406 more words