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The Roin River Jungle (Gameplay/Planning)

The purpose of this post is to serve as a primer for this week’s game–to set the stage so that everyone has time to plan before game time. 344 more words

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Map of Eupheror and Eurndys

Posted below are a couple of new maps. One of Eupheror and a rough map of Eurndys from Brent.

A map of Eupheror.

A map of Eurndys, the capital of Eupheror.

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Natural Resources of AENYR

The following map shows some of the natural resource distribution of the world. The data is somewhat incomplete, as it is only based on known and/or exported resources–tracts of land such as the Aurochan Nations don’t show anything because they haven’t been exploited yet. 51 more words

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The Colonies of Eudorum

This post presents a brief description of the human nations allied with Eudorum.


Eudorum has always had a close relationship with the Silbarion Elves and, during the Secessionary Conflict, the Elves were actively seeking a way to assist the Eudoran cause without themselves entering into conflict with Daystar. 744 more words

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Eudorum, Rampart, and the Secessionary Conflict

Since the signing of the Treaty of Eudorum Independence sixty years ago, the predominantly human nation has grown into an upstart world power of nearly 100 million citizens between Eudorum and her colonial entities Eupheror, Eurunion, Eurion, and Euryl. 575 more words

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Daystar City (Updated 8.23)

Daystar City and its largest suburb, Rail City, is the most populous urban area in all of the Daystar Union. At one time, in the Third Golden Age, it was home to over 15 million people. 110 more words

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The Government of the Daystar Union

At the time of this writing, the Daystar Union consists of twelve member nations (some in various stages of leaving the Union) and the federal capital region, Daystar Central. 803 more words

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