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The Daystar-Eudorum War, 8th December 3012EA


This is the status of the war based on the reports the party has received before going to Castinaea and while in Castinaea. They are a combination of word of mouth, actual military reports (from the hour you spent in Rampart), newsreels, radio broadcasts, and newspapers. 1,118 more words

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Czezdyg (Updated 10-16)

On Giants

The Earthborn or Yuurdbärn (“Giant” is a name given by Humans and Starblooded, and is viewed as a slur in Giant societies) are, according to their mythos, the children of the God of the the Earth Element. 965 more words

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A political map of Eudorum.


Eudorum, and the various principalities and duchies it comprises, was formally a member state of the Daystar Union, but withdrew and was granted its independence sixty years ago. 576 more words

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Languages of AENYR

There are many languages in AENYR–certainly more than just “Human,” “Elvish,” “Dwarvish,” etc. But we haven’t really explored the many languages of the world yet. We will start now. 169 more words

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