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Daystar City

In advance, I apologize for the terrible quality of my map. I made it in a hurry. I may replace it sometime down the road with something more up to my standards. 144 more words

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The Government of the Daystar Union

At the time of this writing, the Daystar Union consists of twelve member nations (some in various stages of leaving the Union) and the federal capital region, Daystar Central. 803 more words

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The Grand Star Transcontinental Rail Line

I mentioned the other night that the train line running from Daystar City (technically from a nearby suburb called “Rail City”) was a bit different from the regular commuter lines that run all over the Daystar Peninsula. 541 more words

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Here are a couple sketches. Expect a lot of the game imagery to show up in this form. It enables me to produce content quickly and–as far as cognitive ergonomics–I think it is sufficient for your imaginations to fill in the blanks.


Izar City and Valdakour Tower

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The Valdakours of Sector 10 and Izar

Along the east coast of Daystar Peninsula is a city within a tract of land measuring approximately 10 miles by 8 miles. The name of the land is Sector 10 and the city, Izar. 285 more words

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The Religion and Politics of the Starblooded

The first thing to understand about the religion of the Starblooded, is that it bears little resemblance to the Western religions of Earth. There are no holy scriptures, no priests, and no churches. 653 more words

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