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The more I learn the more I realize I dont know

Starting with this very interesting inspiration I am making aspiration of pulling all information in. See how it was made from different versions of the world’s top and the best influencers. 78 more words

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But Of Course

I finished the outline for what I thought was Blackbird. As it turns out, I wrote the outline for what’s to happen in the Caeruleus Aether… 92 more words


Story of Eternity

In the beginning there was only Eternity. Eternity encompassed everything that was and everything that was yet to come. The worlds that you know today were not.  650 more words

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On Spren and Their Nature

On Spren and Their Nature

Janice McLorin

Spren, by their nature, are incredibly mysterious so it may come as a surprise that we know more about Spren than many other things. 940 more words

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Stories on the Void Bringers

Collection of Stories on the Void Bringers:

Small Collection of Poems and Stories

Janice Mclorin

Skin and Bones 

Skin and Bones

Stretched and Bled

He digs around inside your head… 568 more words

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