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The proverbial pox on both your houses | World War 4 Report

Today’s depressing news that some 10,000 joined a “New York Stands with Israel” rally at the UN (overseen by Chuck Schumer, of course) was compounded for me by a demoralizing encounter outside St. 131 more words


Commonwealth Controversy

Since I live in Scotland but identify as British I feel this has to be said. People are getting ridiculously intense over these Commonwealth Games and it’s over the small stuff that shouldn’t matter too. 932 more words

Joyful Musings

Annapolis, Maryland has seen a 925 percent increase in 'nuisance flood days' since the 1960s

There’s a lot of stories recently about what climate change will ultimately do to coastal cities — in The New Yorker recently, there was kind of a humor piece about how sharks might be swimming up to the second floor of Miami apartments by 2100 or so. 354 more words

Fundamental Explainers

RACISM - Needs to be eradicated

“No human race is superior; no religious faith is inferior. All collective judgments are wrong. Only racists make them”
-Eliezer Wiesel, Holocaust survivor

           RACISM, an issue which is not new to all of us. 628 more words



OMG. The Doctors is on. and a freaking psychologist just wrote a book called ADHD Does Not Exist. DUDE!! Black people have been saying this for decades!! 109 more words


Everything Happens for a Reason

There’s that age old saying again, coming into view in a haunting angle. “Everything happens for a reason.” It’s more deceptive than comforting if you ask me. 740 more words