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Johan Rockstrom: Let the environment guide our development

This TED talk, in contradiction to the one featured in my previous post, sees Johan Rockstrom suggest that preserving the climate is a top priority and that rapid advancements in technology and science can be the answer to the problems of climate change. 280 more words


I Am Silent (K.Blais)

Today our school joined with the Free The Children and Me to WE foundations and participated in the #WeAreSilent campaign with people from across the world. 701 more words


Hope in the dark. This is Easter.

Easter was never a massive deal in my family growing up.
Not celebrated like Christmas anyway with the extensive gifts, presents and holiday festivities.

There was chocolate, church and family. 1,245 more words


Bjorn Lomborg: Global priorities bigger than climate change

A Danish political scientist and economist, Bjorn Lomborg here discusses the opinions received from a questionnaire which asks the participant to order large global issues in order of their priority. 245 more words


Jill Sobule: Global warming's theme song, "Manhattan in January"

I like this approach to climate activism for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, a song as a method of communication is not what we usually associate with activism. 243 more words


Hypocrisy? Or maybe there’s just a better way to do fundraising? I don’t know, in this day and age, it’s sad that we don’t trust people anymore. 442 more words