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American Citizens Fighting for ISIS

Mercenary: a person or behavior primarily concerned with material reward at the expense of ethics. Down through the centuries mercenaries have fought in foreign wars. My sense is that we have tended to view these soldiers of fortune as eccentrics who, though we may disagree with their reasons for fighting and/or the causes for which they fight, basically have a right to make a living in such a high-stakes enterprise as war. 788 more words

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Russia’s Vladimir Putin is taking over Ukraine but the world doesn’t have the will to stop him. No one wants a war. Americans and our allies are tired of sacrificing the lives of our service men and women in support of our interests around the world. 630 more words

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Should Human Resources optimize the talent or the organization?

There is possibly no more discussed topic in the Human Resources world than “getting a seat at the table” or “becoming a strategic business partner,” (can be said in other ways as well) which essentially means “being thought to add value to the organization.” I… 959 more words

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Follow Britian's Lead

London’s mayor (Boris  Johnson) wants any British National that leaves Britian and joins a terrorist group in the Middle East, fights for them against their own country ; needs to loose their right to return to England as a citizen. 248 more words

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Ferguson and Parallel Universes | The Nation

I expected a reasonable discussion in which Bohannon, a veteran broadcaster, would take a position to the right of one I had taken in this space on the topic of Ferguson. 174 more words