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A few causes of Child Abuse

Reasons why children are abused.

People are increasingly finding it hard to live,survive with in the family and on their own.Or some people are desperate for money. 679 more words


Agree or Disagree: Calgary's New Taxi "Barf" Law

There is a new law in Calgary.

Calgary City Council has introduced a new law for those patrons that puke in a cab.

It will cost $100 if you happen to do this in a cab… 103 more words


Here's two great, very simple pieces of sales advice

I like the Buffer blog a lot. It’s consistently pretty well-researched and well-intentioned (hence actionable), and this goes for Kevan Lee’s posts (one of the main authors) as well as a lot of their guest posts. 581 more words

Fundamental Explainers

Israel, Palestine, And Social Media

Anyone who regularly uses the Internet is aware of the crisis in the Middle East by now. I grew up in a neighborhood with a highly Jewish population, so the situation has hit particularly close to home for many of my friends. 826 more words

Open letter to President Obama

I recently sent this letter to President Obama in the hopes that my perspectives on the conflict between Israel and Gaza could help enlighten the view of others. 1,332 more words

Clean Water Action

This was gonna be another post about philosophy and atheism and whatnot, but I didn’t have enough material to write (or at least my thoughts kept floating out of my ears and I can’t remember what they were). 438 more words

Clean Water

Saddam Hussein U.S. CIA Asset

Most Westerners believe everything they see on the Tel-Lie-Vision. They don’t feel the need to think for themselves, let alone search for the truth of all things. 791 more words

New World Order