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+ when acts of terror hit a little closer to home

For some reason, a lot of people seem to think Canada is this “little country” that minds their own business and does nothing to aid other countries, namely the United States of America, fighting the war on terror. 366 more words


+ take the fear away & the people will find reason

In the 80’s, The United States had a president by the name of Ronad Reagan. Mr. Reagan wouldn’t even acknowledge that AIDS was killing thousands… 50 more words


Protest.Net: Did the CIA Poison Paul Robeson?

Paul Robeson, the black actor, singer, and political radical, may have been
a victim of CIA chemist Sidney Gottlieb’s MK-ULTRA program. We have
previously noted Gottlieb’s death and outlined his career of infamy. 768 more words


#Ebola and Nig-Bama

So, let’s talk about Ebola, it’s a terrible disease and that has a very specific cause…Africans. ¬†However, due to the liberal pussies in Washington who want you to believe that all people in the world who happen to be black are the same as our “underprivileged” niggers in the US, our borders still remain open to people coming back from Africa. ¬† 870 more words

Nigger Epidemic

I have no ice

First world problem alert: I have no ice.

Actually, I have one small block that is sitting in my glass of cold creaming soda right now. 216 more words


A Tough Day for Canada

Yesterday was a tough day for Canada. Modest and unassuming, we generally think of ourselves as a peaceful country that no one in their right mind would ever want to attack. 483 more words


World War III: The Ebola virus: Why it is a Global problem.

Take Our PollWhen the Ebola virus broke out in Africa in March 2014, it was viewed as an ‘African thing’ and something that wasn’t going to be a threat to humans worldwide. 624 more words