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The Meaning of Extinction

Recently, I came across a large post on Tumblr that claimed tigers are on “Red Alert”. While knowledge of tigers endangerment has been ever-present for the past few years, I decided to do some more research on it. 26 more words


Mr. Niceguy

“Good evening, Mr. Niceguy!” A deep voice shouts out from the darkness. Mr. Niceguy wondering why someone is shouting at him begins to awaken. His head throbs with each beat of his heart. 811 more words


Humanity can be...

So first “blog” entry, I use the term blog loosely only because I don’t want a blog necessarily to blab abut myself. This will be more of the occurrences I go through on a daily basis. 151 more words

Stockholm Rhino & Elephant March

On the 4th of October, the students of SIS and members of the SIS Rhino Preservation Group will engage themselves in a march in protest for the mistreatment of rhinos in Africa. 116 more words

World Issues

Miami's Newest Outcast

Minority, noun: a relatively small group of people, especially one commonly discriminated against in a community, society, or nation, differing from others in race, religion, language, or political persuasion. 1,745 more words


And The Sniveling Children Strike Again--Ranting on the "Men's Rights" Movement

Fair warning, I’m going to get angry and use some very strong language (if you’ve read my blog before, you’d know this, but for those newcomers, this is your first, last, and only warning). 612 more words


Question: How should men speak about feminism?

Emma Watson’s speech to the UN.

This video has gone viral on social media.

It’s Emma Watson speech to the U.N. about women’s rights. To sum her speech, she has invited, and encouraged, men to be a part of the conversation. 162 more words