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RACISM - Needs to be eradicated

“No human race is superior; no religious faith is inferior. All collective judgments are wrong. Only racists make them”
-Eliezer Wiesel, Holocaust survivor

           RACISM, an issue which is not new to all of us. 628 more words



OMG. The Doctors is on. and a freaking psychologist just wrote a book called ADHD Does Not Exist. DUDE!! Black people have been saying this for decades!! 109 more words


Everything Happens for a Reason

There’s that age old saying again, coming into view in a haunting angle. “Everything happens for a reason.” It’s more deceptive than comforting if you ask me. 740 more words

Impatience and the art of Zen

We all take it for granted that at some point in our life, something will come to a grinding halt. Whatever it was that we wanted to happen, had not! 351 more words

Life Issues

it's all one thing: Identitarian unity photo: American Nazis at a Nation of Islam rally

Historically, segregationists approve of segregationists. I wish I could find a picture of Marcus Garvey’s meeting with a head of the Ku Klux Klan. Garvey said, “I regard the Klan, the Anglo-Saxon clubs and White American societies, as far as the Negro is concerned, as better friends of the race than all other groups of hypocritical whites put together. 62 more words


Chicago, Home, and Guilt

Hello Old Me,

I have just returned to London from the most wonderful trip to Chicago. I met an old friend there and we had a great time – we ate deep-dish Chicago style pizza, and went to the theatre and to see jazz. 690 more words