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Australian Border Control

Niggers come in all shapes and sizes and today I’d like to talk about the niggers from Mexico flooding in to our borders. ¬†I have no issue with the ones that go through the proper government channels to work in the US, usually they’re doing jobs the rest of us would prefer not to do anyways, but the ones that climb over the fence and make the US their home and less then trash to me. ¬† 280 more words

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Vietnamese demand for rhino horns decreases

Throughout the past year, a statistical study shows that rhino horn demand in Vietnam has decreased with a staggering 33 %. The study, led by the organizations Nielsen for the Humane Society International (HSI) and the Vietnam Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora presented on October 15 these results. 184 more words

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Capitalism Plus Dope Equals Genocide

Drug addiction in the colonized ghettos of America has constituted a major problem for over 15 years. Its use is so widespread that it can – without fear of exaggeration – be termed a “plague”. 365 more words


Islam And Terrorism: Synonymous?

Naj, Islam means Peace right? But, why the news updates are always about the involvement of Muslims to terrorist attacks, wars and such non-peaceful activities? Asked by my professor to me at the faculty while I was checking for my grades. 432 more words


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What's Going on in Hong Kong?

Hello Old Me,

On Sunday 12th October, I found myself in Hong Kong. I had only a few hours to kill between flights, but I was never destined to spend them any way other than in the #OccupyHK camps, where protesters are camping in a bid to protect democracy in Hong Kong. 1,119 more words


The Conflict Within

Recently I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to some people I’ve not seen for good many years. Throughout one conversation in particular the person seemed to be having some very conflicting feelings. 931 more words

Learning through DISCOVERY Approach - WIRED Article

Discovery Approach to learning- getting youth ready for the challenges of a new age of Major Challenges. This is an article all about American schools – but equally applies to elsewhere: Hopefully Europe is on a similar wavelength!


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