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Capstone Poem Day, 4/23 (World Literature)

Today’s Learning Target:

I will find a poem that connects and supports your capstone topic, read it, and TPCASTT it.

Today’s Agenda: 

  1. Find a poem (remember you need 3 poems – at least two must be from a world author)
  2. 21 more words
World Literature

The Grass Is Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence

I feel oppressed by an error of mind which offends me most as unjust and even more as annoying. I try to correct it, but I cannot root it out. 173 more words

World Literature

World Literature Tuesday, 4.22

In Class

In class today we completed The Ramayana Seminar Questions 89-129.  We also completed a graphic organizer about the epic hero cycle–please complete both of these activities if you miss class. 135 more words

World Literature

What is Man's Chief End?

The following is an essay that I wrote the other day for the World Lit. course I’m currently taking, and I thought, for lack of other material, that I would put it up here for your perusal and (maybe even) enjoyment. 1,953 more words


Capstone Reading Day, 4/22 (World Literature)

Today’s Learning Target:

I will read my research while practicing critical reading skills, note-taking skills, and/or annotating.

Today’s Agenda:

  1. Read my book, scholarly article, or any other piece of research.
  2. 66 more words
World Literature

My Face Book: An Idiosyncratic Love Story by Ozge Wambach @cigdemymirol_YK

  • “Shall We Reinvent Love?” This very first sentence of My Face Book is almost like a forerunner of an extraordinary love. Through this sentence challenging the lexical meaning of the word love, the writer Ciğdem y Mirol lets her readers begin a journey towards an unusual love, which she has invented in her world of letters.
  • 606 more words

Letters & Sounds

Here is the cover of my new translation of Ilhan Berk’s Letters & Sounds, due out this summer from Red Hand Books. You can read a short blurb and pre-order a copy – if the mood takes you – from the RHB website at… 105 more words

Turkish Poetry