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#iPGN: Liverpool Fans mob Mario Balotelli after Medicals [Photos]

Excitable Liverpool fans rushed to prospective signing Mario Balotelli after the Italian emerged from Melwood earlier this evening, Friday.

Balotelli, formerly of Manchester City, could complete his return to the Premier League over the weekend as he finalises the terms of his £16 million switch from AC Milan. 21 more words


Real Household Incomes Fall 5.9% Under Obama

Economic recoveries are historically known for big gains in “real” (after inflation) household income. But for most American households there has been no economic recovery during the Obama Administration because of chronic falling wages, according to data from the dshort.com website.

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Oh no! Pelosi may be forced to take some of her own liberal medicine

One thing you have to love about progressive socialists is their hypocrisy – which even extends to the water with which they brush their teeth.

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The Inauguration of Police State USA. Towards a Democratic Dictatorship?

A multitude of articles and Official PDFs. all aiming to restrict or completely remove your God-Given Rights

Author’s Note
The following article first published in January of 2012 focuses on an important piece of legislation (National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) HR 1540). 1,060 more words

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Just A Coincidence

It is no doubt just a coincidence that a few weeks after Obama traded a bunch of terrorists for an army deserter, ISIS is demanding prisoner exchanges for hostages – and killing them if the ransom isn’t paid.

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ISIS is sick

Inane liberal threat: give illegals amnesty or they’ll become terrorists - Allen B. West - AllenBWest.com

You want to know just how desperate progressive socialists are to have their way with illegal immigration and surrendering our border? Just take a listen to what a Democrat in Iowa had to say. 188 more words

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