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Piyasaya Çıkmadan WOW’a Rakip Gösterilmek




Online seven oyuncular için böyle bir kıyaslama yada iddiada bulunmak için kafayı sıyırmak gerekiyor. Çünkü bu güne kadar hiçbir MMO oyunu Blizzard’ın World Of Warcraft’ına la aşık atabilecek yapıda değillerdi. 223 more words


Happy Noblegarden Internets!

Happy Noblegarden everyone! As per Noblegarden traditions, Yotaan and I and our family decorated eggs in real life last night!  I went a little overboard with mine (and I’m never eating them!) 110 more words

World Of Warcraft

Vì sao phim ăn theo game thường chán?

Cùng lắng nghe quan điểm của các vị giáo sư trong lĩnh vực điện ảnh về vấn đề này.

Phát biểu với tờ USA Today, ông Kirk Kjeldsen – giáo sư tại cục điện ảnh của đại học Virginia Commonwealth ở Richmon, Vancouver đã cố gắng giải thích vì sao các bộ phim phỏng theo cốt truyện của các trò chơi điện … … 6 more words

HearthStone #1: The Journey Begins

This is it. The first video accompanying a #NowGaming feature. I’m currently popping out to an Inna club anthem and it’s easter sunday (so happy easter wordpressers!). 316 more words


Curse of Naxxramas Announced

Some exciting news out of PAX East this past week, and lots to look forward to for Hearthstone lovers in the next five weeks. Blizzard has announced the name and a few details of it’s first major update for Hearthstone. 109 more words


38 Levels - a small gallery

Unbelievably, it was only a few days ago I blogged about wanting to play a Balance Druid.

She is now about to ding level 39. I genuinely can’t believe how much enjoyment I am getting out of levelling this character. 219 more words


So I'm back to WoW

and I would like to share a few things with all of you. First of all, I’m on WoW to have fun. Don’t try to recruit me to stressful groups, no matter what you want to do with it, raiding, CM, RBG, I don’t care. 284 more words

World Of Warcraft