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The Portal

Vaildor Lightmist awoke, startled by a loud noise.  He saw the cause of the noise immediately upon sitting up in bed.  He drew his knees up to his chest, and huddled close to the wall next to his bed.   837 more words

World Of Warcraft

[Gaming] Leveling Ain't What It Used to Be

–Going to try a new thing with the titles to help people figure out if they want to read a post or not. I’ll see how it goes.– 524 more words

World Of Warcraft

Iron Man Challenge: Silithus Edition

After hitting level 60 in Un’Goro I decided to head directly into Silithus and get another level under my belt before heading to Outland. Lo and behold, another level became another few bars of experience, since apparently once you hit level 60 you stop earning any significant experience in old Azeroth. 634 more words

World Of Warcraft

Pandaren Monk Vest 2.0: This Time It's Symmetrical

Upon successful completion of Pandaren Pants 2.0, I decided to celebrate by sewing Vest 2.0.

Sewing went quite well up until I came to the step where I sew the two front panels to the back panel. 183 more words


Back in Azeroth

So occasionally on this blog I intend to talk about what I’m doing with my time, besides blogging of course. As of late, the husband and I have restarted our World of Warcraft accounts. 937 more words


More Downsides to Being Face's Toon

The last thing I remembered was a raid.  We were fighting against Garrosh for the tenth time.  Or maybe it was a dungeon, seeking out materials for the warlock.   754 more words

Semihistorical Fiction

Returning To Azeroth: Ch-Ch-Changes

World of Warcraft has changed a great deal since my last trip. 1,027 more words