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Draenei Cosplay Part 2

Today I made shoulderplates! They look like shoulderplates for midgets, but it fits me! :D (I am onlt 158 cm tall so.. it is kind of childern size <.<) They are not done yet, i am going to cover the surrounding purple area with the same material i used for the horns, and i will cover the horns once more with the white clay and draw a pattern on them so they will look more realistic. 72 more words


Waiting for Warlords: progress report, 2014-10-20

Whilst we wait for Warlords – Progress report update!

Most of this week has been spent handling the changes from 6.0.2, but some progress was made. 273 more words

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On WoW, Nostalgia, and Routine

I have a strange addiction to nostalgia. I remember once as a kid going to a birthday party at a friend’s house (well, the son of my Mom’s boss, but you know…). 920 more words


New patch, new you

All right, I was a couple of days late to get to the new patch. I hate, hate, hate that last patch before a new xpac that breaks everything and changes everything that I had grown used to. 359 more words

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Guy Creates Life-Size World of Warcraft Goblin Copter

No need to spend time playing World of Warcraft to reach level 60, this dude from China has crafted a geeky life-size version of the Goblin gyrocopter without any expert riding or engineering skills.



Farewell, Coco

You got your Green Fire and did some things no other character of mine came close to doing, but no matter what I did it just wasn’t good enough. 45 more words

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Patch 6.0.2 Rogue Hotfixes: Wound Poison Down; Hemo Up; Cloak and Dagger, Um...

(This is cross-posted on Ravenholdt, the most rogue-iest rogue site in historogue.)

Tuning changes for all classes have continued into the first week following the launch of the major pre-expansion Patch 6.0.2. 358 more words

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