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How to write piercingly?

“Words can be like X-rays, if you use them properly. That’s one of the things I try to teach my students – how to write piercingly. 72 more words

Content Writing

Our So-Called Foreign Policy: The Perils of Confusing Form and Substance

Just when I was all set to slam economists for advancing ditzy thinking re American foreign policy, Benn Steil undermined the stereotype – or at least demonstrated that he’s an exception. 627 more words

Our So-Called Foreign Policy

Genki Sudo And World Order Will Make Gorillas Buy Toyota In 'Jungle Wakudoki'

Genki Sudo and his band, WORLD ORDER are back! Granted, they are back in a Toyota ad, but that’s of no concern to me. WORLD ORDER could put out a video advertising the “Punch Jessica Hudnall Square in the Face” corporation and I’d probably share it at least five times. 105 more words


Well I Watched It and I'm Having a Nice Day

World Order, “Have a Nice Day” .

The video is along the lines of OK Go’s “Writing on the Wall” or even the video poem… 74 more words



Statistical commoditization of human lives – from the Indian poverty Lines to the innocent human lives killed and mutilated in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Somalia, Congo (DPR), Sudan, Nigeria and many other African and Asian countries and elsewhere – to the recently spiraled moments of crisis in Gaza, in Ukraine and the Flight MH17 crash after taking a sophisticated missile hit at 30,000 feet in – loss of human lives – always manipulated and used to further self-serving agendas – of dictators, of global superpowers. 499 more words


Friday Fun - "2012"

Another video from my favorite guys, World Order.  In 2012, everyone was going on and on about the Mayan calendar and the end of the world, or the current cycle of existence.  316 more words