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Religions of the World - Map

I’ve heard people say that it’s a profound sight to see a map of the world with the predominant religions noted. If you sincerely reflect on it, there is a message. 172 more words


Keeping pace in the global climate denial stakes | Business Spectator

A poll of 20 countries and over 16,000 people has found that the United States leads the world when it comes to climate denial. That result is based on two questions asked by the British survey company Ipsos Mori in its first ever Global Trends Survey. 404 more words

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How Would Christianity Deal with Extraterrestrial Life?

How would the world’s religions react to the discovery of extraterrestrial intelligence? There is, of course, no single answer. But for Christians who believe in the redemption of humanity through a singular event—the Incarnation of God through Christ—the question poses an especially complex dilemma. 290 more words


Is religion good for kids? Column

(( The Media is still going on about this Study – Here is a little better point of view)) – Young children exposed to religion had a more difficult time distinguishing fact from fiction than their less-religious counterparts, according to a study in the July issue of Cognitive Science. 462 more words

World Religions

Myth of the Modern Religious War - Pacific Standard: The Science of Society

Not long ago, a church leader at the Protestant sect I belong to gave a sermon criticizing the role of religion in today’s conflicts. He cited the Crusades, clashes between Catholics and Protestants, and other “religious wars” of the Middle East and throughout Asia. 527 more words

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World WReligion Wednesday: The Future of Hinduism

THIS is an interesting compilation of articles.

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Praying for ISIS

A number of Christian sites have reported the horrors that are occurring in ISIS-controlled areas in the Middle East. One such report coming out of Iraq is that members of ISIS have marked Christian homes with the Arabic letter… 279 more words