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The world as it is: The influence of religion | Star Tribune


Seldom has it been more important for Americans to form a realistic assessment of the world scene. But our current governing, college-­educated class suffers one glaring blind spot. 230 more words

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Latest Islamic State Magazine Touts Foley Killing, Taunts Obama :: The Investigative Project on Terrorism

Al-Hayat Media, an important part of the Islamic State’s propaganda machine, released the third issue of its English-language jihadist publication Dabiq Friday. It released its first two editions of the magazine written in the style of Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula’s Inspire magazine earlier in August. 375 more words

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Video Proof It Is Truly End Times -- NYMag

ISIS. Israel versus Hamas. Burning Man. Killer cops. Tan suits. Kids firing Uzis. Taylor Swift’s disappointing VMA performance. There is proof all around us that the world is coming to an end. 83 more words

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The Politics Of Every Major U.S. Religion, In One Chart | ThinkProgress

For many political analysts, it’s an established truism that religion — for better or worse — is a force to be reckoned with in American politics. 185 more words

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My Muslim religion has problems that need fixing

I am an Australian, I am a Muslim. I am an Australian Muslim. The recent actions  of the group known as Islamic State have put my faith in the spotlight as a threat to my nation and fellow Australians with whom I share the privilege of living in this great nation. 777 more words

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The world of religions have always been among us and yet some in conservative evangelicalism have chosen to live in a Christian ghetto. The way theology has been taught has largely ignored world religions as if Christians alone and a multitude of unbelievers only inhabited the world(VMK). 387 more words

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How I Learned To Be Okay With The Bible

When I first began writing my book on how religion keeps us from being happy, I couldn’t even open my Bible without feeling a deep-seated sense of disgust. 1,427 more words