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Why Everyone Should Believe In Epcot

As you are no doubt aware, friends, 2014 has been something of a tumultuous year for fans of Disney theme parks. Please bear with me as I briefly summarize two cases where the wounds are still fresh. 2,428 more words


Nine Dragons Review

Inside of EPCOT’s China, there is a beautiful sit down restaurant called Nine Dragons.

The portion sizes at Nine Dragons are quite large on entrees, but the food is heavy and more than any normal person could eat at lunch, which means that you’ll end up throwing a lot of food away (unless you’re headed back to the hotel after).  558 more words

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Today's Disney photo: France at EPCOT

Walking to the France pavilion at the World Showcase in EPCOT, you might believe you’re on a street in Paris. I grabbed this shot while we were at the park at… 77 more words


Today's Disney photo: Through the fence

I framed this shot across the lake at the World Showcase with a fence. You’re looking at the Canada Pavilion in the distance at EPCOT… 86 more words


Maelstrom of Annoyance

Please keep your hands and arms inside this rant at all times, folks.

It’s been rumored for a while, and now it’s official: Walt Disney World has announced that they will be shutting down Maelstrom, the boat ride in EPCOT’s Norway pavilion, and replacing it with an attraction based on the movie  1,158 more words

Walt Disney World

Maelstrom being replaced with a Frozen Attraction

Disclaimer… much of what I’m going to state in today’s blogpost is my personal opinion.  Please bear in mind that this is my blog and my place to share my knowledge of Disney, also I get to share my opinion.   416 more words


Around the World in...8 Hours!

Yesterday we were back at Epcot for round two. This time, rather than spending time in future world, we spent our entire day in the World Showcase. 980 more words