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Were These Parents For Real Or Was I Just Hearing Things?

There are times when I just happen to overhear conversations between folks and I can’t resist wondering what are they talking about? Did I just hear what I thought I heard? 1,116 more words

A Mans Point Of View


for new sunrises
intimately knowing how
to guide one’s heart true


Thanksgiving Message 2014

Here’s giving Thanks to all of the Followers of Healthcare Interoperability. Thank you for your support and encouragement of the site. Thank you for being a Healthcare Advocate. 61 more words

World View

This Country Of Ours

By: Shawn Davis

My feelings on the Michael Brown Jr. case run the complete gamut of human emotion but the one that I don’t feel is surprise, not one bit. 1,302 more words

Random Thoughts...

Is This the Truth?

Fires burn across the land,

The smoke fills the skies.

Angry men shout out and scream;

Some break down and cry.

Children watch as people die; 415 more words



I just want it better and better for every being here on earth.  How do we get beyond what holds us back inwardly?  What does the inner lens do for and against us?  40 more words


Reality is Subjective

The other day I had a discussion with Bernie, a  70-something student in my writing class; about what, I can’t remember. I do remember saying he was thinking negatively and his response was, “I’m being realistic.” Instead of continuing the discussion I stopped talking. 945 more words