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Syria, Serious Cat, and things that might be wrong with me

In a weird twist on Lent (of which I’m not normally observant), I decided to give up Facebook for the month of September. This wasn’t a special internet ‘challenge’, I didn’t even announce my departure. 682 more words

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We don't "Lobby" in Healthcare IT, we "Advocate"

As someone who grew up in other countries before becoming a naturalized American, there’s always been some kind of fascination when it comes to what is called “lobbying” in the United States. 309 more words

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The Struggle.

You know I think God has simply has made struggle part of our calling. We’re going to struggle to make bread, to plant crops, to win souls. 486 more words


You're a Pluralist, but I'm a Exclusivist

This article is written primarily to try and illustrate the tensions which we seem to face when dealing with people of the world. They’re not toxic evils, but our perspectives are 180° in the opposite directions. 438 more words


I AM the Counterintuitive God 1 Cor 1:18-2:5


When you consider your perspective regarding the questions of why you exist on this

planet and what will happen to you after you die, you will evaluate knowledge found in the world through the glasses of your understanding and experience. 1,492 more words


The trouble is beyond the NFL...

Yes, you heard me, the trouble is beyond the NFL, and no matter how much they try to fix it, it’s not fixable. Sort of like ISIS. 2,022 more words

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With all the media circus and speculation since the 14th August, one can be forgiven for thinking that the world has gone stark raving mad, with many views, opinions and judgements made as a result! 700 more words