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Excessive intelligence?

More and more jobs require higher education? See: The real reason for income inequality (Boston Globe, July 22, 2014)

I come from South Korea, where boasts 99% something of literacy rate and 70-80% of high school kids getting into colleges every year. 291 more words

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Ramon's Insights ~ Monsters Beware

Once again we, as a global community of mankind, face the real prospect of another out of control world conflict and the constant spin of ideology and political hypocrisy. 293 more words

Ramon's Insights

Williams, Gungor, Driscoll, and world issues: A Response

Down a road that was once full of houses, where kids rode their bicycles after school, where people walked their dogs and talked over the happenings of their day; where life was once lived, is nothing. 1,042 more words

Laughter: Healthcare's Best Medicine - Behavioral Health and the loss of an Icon

Some months ago, I wrote about the role of happiness in our lives and the role it plays. Robin Williams played an important role for over 30 years in making the world a happier place. 507 more words

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Be Your Own Lighthouse

“Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining” – Anne Lamott.

How do you save yourself when the world around you seems to be drowning in sorrow?

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I’m an American and the principle of having liberty is deep within my heart, I want to be left alone to succeed or fail without an army of bureaucrats coming in and interfering. 369 more words

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