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Did The U-28 See A Sea Monster?

World War I, the first war that saw widespread use of modern weaponry such as machine guns and biological agents on the battlefield, also saw the usage of “unrestricted submarine warfare,” when the German Empire attempted to disrupt Allied shipping with submarines. 878 more words


World War I in 100 Objects

World War I. An event mostly remembered for its grisly statistics, tranches and scarred land left behind. In this latest release World War I in 100 Objects allows readers to view this tragic period via items used in the Great War. 186 more words

Book Reviews

A history of the First World War in one hundred blogs ! No. 9 The Siege of the Liège Forts.

(The ruins of Fort Loncin in this German propaganda postcard.)

The beginning of August 1914 on the Western Front saw the great German march begin, when the German Fourth Army violated the neutrality of tiny Luxembourg, in an attempt to secure important railways needed to complete its war mobilization plans. 745 more words


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Robert Horvat is working his way through the First World War one blog at a time. Today he takes on an important event early in the fighting, the siege of Liege. A must for any WWI buff!

On This Day 100 years ago

100 years ago today the First Battle of Ypres began.

Why is this important? Because it led to so called “race to the sea” and the trench warfare that followed. 186 more words


Rising up to the times (Post no.2 on WW I fashions)

Journal des Dames et des Modes, Paris, 1913

This post wants to investigate the ‘rise’ (literally) in fashion of the collar for women during the period 1913-18. 561 more words


The Lost Empress - Steve Robinson

On 29 May 1914 having left Quebec for Liverpool, the Empress of Ireland, an ocean liner sank following a collision with SS Storstad, a Norwegian collier. 878 more words

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