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Women Who Inspire: Hedy Lamarr

While perusing Cracked.com I came across one of their Photoplasty articles entitled 33 Famous Things Created By The Last Famous Person You Would Think which is where I found the above photo and my subject for this week’s Women Who Inspire Post. 262 more words


Flower power! Dandelions make car tyres?

A fungus affecting Brazil’s rubber tree crop forced Bridgestone and Continental AG to reintroduce a WWII emergency technique from the Ford Motor Company of producing rubber from Kazakhstan dandelions. 39 more words


Lest We Forget: Amazing Race Canada in France

Hey folks, back again with Amazing Race Canada, Episode 7. Lots of media on this race, showing teams in France, Normandy specifically, honouring those who served and sacrifice during the Second World War. 1,861 more words

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Happy Father's Day (John)

Letter transcription:


Dear Daddy,

Since tomorrow is Father’s Day I am writing you a letter. I am sorry I didn’t think about getting a gretting off to you in time for you to get it tomorrow. 105 more words


Nazi Germany, Holy Grail, and Myths of Racial Superiority

“I have come to believe that men kill in war because they do not know their real enemy and because they are pushed into a position where they must kill,” proposes peace activist, Thich Nhat Hanh. 99 more words

Booby Traps

During World War II, GI’s would watch a lot of training films, and most of them would often cure any insomnia that viewers might be suffering from.  133 more words