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Quiz on World War II

I just finished reading about WWII in my history, and I took a two small quizzes on it. You will most likely know most of the answers, because by the time you are an adult, you have probably read and studied WWII many times. 438 more words

Tales of the South Pacific

James A. Michener takes you to the South Pacific during 1942, when the Allies were struggling to stem the Japanese advance.  Amid endless ocean, the tiny specks of coral we call islands, the coconut palms, the waves breaking into spray against the reefs, and the full moon rising behind the volcanoes, we meet the men and women caught up in the drama of a big war. 24 more words

World War II

The Greatest Generation

Many of us who are of a certain age have parents and/or grandparents who belong to what has been termed the Greatest Generation.

This was a generation of Americans who lived honorable lives and excelled at getting things done. 316 more words



The Holocaust refers to the period of mass murder of over 6 million Jews in Europe during World War II. The Holocaust began when Hitler rose to power in Germany and began persecuting and taking away basic rights of the Jewish people. 69 more words


If It's Meant To Happen It Will Hunt You Down And Make It Happen, That Is, If You Don't Hunt It Down And Make It Happen First

Part 2
After over 9 days of intense yoga, both on Maui and the Big Island, Erika and I were driving home from the Maui airport. 452 more words

Intrepid Aviators

Three Warhorses
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Intrepid Aviators is the story of a squadron of US navy Avenger (torpedo bomber) pilots fighting in the Pacific during the Second World War. 974 more words


National Columnists Day? What is that?

From 2010

Today, April 18, marks a little known holiday called National Columnists Day that is celebrated by the National Society of Newspaper Columnists in memory of one of the most famous and loved columnists of all time — Ernie Pyle. 690 more words

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