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Utmost Respect

The people that deserve the utmost respect in this world includes a variety of people. From our elderly, to the soldier’s that fight everyday for our freedom, and to the ones that have inspired us to do our best throughout the rough times in our life. 460 more words


Baird visits site of Auschwitz Nazi death camp

OSWIECIM, Poland – Foreign Minister John Baird has paid a visit to the memorial at the World War II Auschwitz-Birkenau German Nazi death camp.

Baird and Canadian ambassador to Poland, Alexandra Bugailiskis, walked Thursday through the ill-omened “Arbeit Macht Frei” (Work Sets You Free) gate though which inmates were brought into the camp to face death either in its gas chambers or from forced labour, starvation and disease. 61 more words


U is for USS Hornet (CV-12) #atozchallenge @aprila2z

USS Hornet (CV/CVA/CVS-12) was a United States Navy aircraft carrier of the Essex class. Construction started in August 1942; she was originally named USS Kearsarge, but was renamed in honor of the USS Hornet (CV-8), which was lost in October 1942, becoming the eighth ship to bear the name. 888 more words


Day Two: Arrival

We were given speed passes by our Airlines purser and cruised through immigration and customs at Charles deGaulle. The next major decision was how to arrive at our hotel: by bus, train, or taxi. 1,365 more words


From The Road to Yesterday, 1964

In his story Fathers and Sons, the novelist Frank Dalby Davison visits the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park early in World War II:

I had stood among the crowd gathered to watch the first of the Second World War troops march through the streets of Sydney on their way to embarkation. 636 more words



Wiesel, Elie. (1958). Night. New York, NY: Hill and Wang.

Plot Description: Night is Elie Wiesel’s record that tells of his experiences during World War II before and at various concentration camps. 1,149 more words


A Happy Announcement

Now I can talk about it

A preview of my book “We Don’t Talk About That” has appeared in the “coming soon section” in the Friesen Press Bookstore. 53 more words

We Don't Talk About That