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A Risky Comparison

So after writing a blog about the dangers of abusing Godwin’s Law, I’m about to Godwin myself in the worst way.  I can’t help it–as much as I hate making this comparison, the current situation with Russia reminds me of the eve of World War II. 430 more words

Obama in Japan: How About a Pivot Toward Peacemaking?

by Joe Scarry

Hito ni au: zeitaku
- Japanese liquor ad 

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
- Matthew 5:9  1,023 more words

Joe Scarry

Saboteurs, Say NO to World War III

Source: The Mad Jewess

The Mad Jewess understands that it is Obama, not Putin, who is the villain in the Ukrainian situation. My hats off to a great blogger.


Needed: Less Military Force, More Human Rights in the Philippines

by Joe Scarry

For several years now, I have been intensively involved in working to end the extrajudicial killings (EJK) carried out by the U.S., specifically those involving  1,274 more words

Barack Obama

Presidential Candidate Calls for WWIII: Is Bob Dole Nuts?

Read the story at Infowars. All I can say is that the oligarchs love war because it lines their pockets with cash.

The comments on Infowars are often hilarious, but insightful: 34 more words

Western Intellectuals Will Never Call for Prosecution of Their Own

by jay janson

Knowledgeable and internationally aware people within Majority Mankind (the six billion Earthlings who live in the plundered Third World), have long had enough of the high-flown but meaningless erudite reporting of apathetic First World intellectuals dispassionately chronicling the lethal foreign policies of the Neo-Colonial Powers they reside in.  5,225 more words

The New Peace Movement